Todd Lubar: Excelling in Mortgage and Finance Industry

Todd Lubar is one of the founders of real estate in America. He has acquired great investments in the industry and has extensive knowledge of mortgage and banking. Todd has worked in the industry for more than twenty years dealing with loans and helping individuals acquire properties. He is described as passionate in developing real estate and draws passion from the need to help others. He has established reputable businesses in his quest to achieve his dreams of owning homes and providing an opportunity to others to own their dream houses. He does this by enabling people access financing and providing them with alternatives as outlined in his interview with Inspirery.

When asked to offer advice to entrepreneurs, Todd Lubar emphasizes on hard work and ensuring one achieves their set goals without giving up. He encourages the art of resilience in order to succeed in business. Despite the challenges faced by most entrepreneurs, what defines their success is their ability to rise up against them and build a successful enterprise. He advises on the importance of the people surrounding oneself in their desire to grow. Todd talks about the need to be surrounded by people who inspire growth and challenge one to aim higher.

Todd Lubar has worked for several companies since graduating from Syracuse University where he studied a BA in speech communication. He has been able to accomplish his dreams and become a role model to many in the industry. He started working at Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loans officer. He challenged himself to gain new position at Legacy Financial group.

Todd was focused on attaining his goals and was very ambitious. His nature enabled him execute his duties easily and make huge contributions. His role comprised of interactions with a large group of clients. This enabled him establish relationships with companies and individuals that were important in his entrepreneurial ventures.

Todd was able to build an extensive network that helped him form his own company. He left Legacy Group in 2007 and founded Legendary Investments in order to execute his vision of helping others achieve their dreams.