Securus Defending Itself Well Against Evil Global Tel*Link

There is this company called Global Tel*Link. It is a telephone communications company that you probably have never heard of. The only service prisons and jails and they have a multitude of contracts all over this country. In fact, they have millions of prisoners under their umbrella and they have a presence in all 50 states.


Just look them up and you’ll see that they run an incredibly unethical business. They carry a skeleton staff, charge outrageous rates for telephone calls, and even run scams on the families of prisoners. They have been known to double charge people until they are called out on it. They then offer to remedy the situation for a fee. They also cold call family members of inmates in order to collect credit card information for more false charges. And you’ll be happy to know that the company and its investors pull in more than a half $1 billion per year performing these tricks.


Their biggest competition is a company called Securus. This company makes it easy for prisoners to communicate with their loved ones on the outside. They offer video chat services which can connect prisoners and families all across the country. And before you say that we should be tough on crime, know that easy communication between a prisoner and his or her family reduces crime rates.


So it really angers me to see Global Tel*Link suing Securus. The big evil corporation is accusing the other company of patent infringement. They think that Securus stole their voice over Internet protocols. But it’s really a bunch of hogwash. The bigger company is simply suing the smaller company in order to squeeze money out of it legal fees. It is just another unethical business practice performed by Global Tel*Link. Somebody should stop these guys.