Poor Online Reputation Management Could Cost Trump the Election

The public’s opinions on Donald Trump are very mixed, and there are numerous people on both sides. Some people see Trump as a candidate with a lot of potential. However, there are others that fear he may make foolish decisions while in office. Amongst Republicans, Trump is taking the lead. In fact, according to a recent poll, 60% of Republicans endorse Donald Trump even amidst his online reputation crisis. On the other hand, Trump tends to be viewed very poorly amongst Democrats. In fact, he is seen exceptionally negatively by Democrats. However, both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton seem to have the lowest reputation of any recent candidates.

Donald Trump seems to have a much lower reputation than any of the other Republican candidates of recent history. The closest Republican candidate to his reputation was George Bush in 1992. However, his reputation is significantly less than his was at the time. In fact, there is a difference of around 10 percentage points.

However, there does seem to be somewhat of an upward trend with regard to his party approval rating. This rise has seemed to stall in very recent times to some degree. However, the overall trend appears to be an increasing reputation. Now, his party approval rating is very close to that of Hillary Clinton’s party approval rating, which has remained slightly higher than Donald Trump’s. Given Hillary Clinton’s relatively poor reputation, Donald Trump’s overall negative reputation doesn’t seem likely to be too much of an impediment to his success.



One thought on “Poor Online Reputation Management Could Cost Trump the Election

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