Fighting Equalities for All with Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund

Today, many migrant and refugee communities in the United States are living in fear since Donald Trump became the President. During his campaign pledges last year, he stated clearly that all illegal migrants would be deported back to their Native countries once he is elected. President Trump cited security along the border areas as his main concern of trying to keep these communities from the United States.

However, groups advocating for the rights of these groups consider the President’s move as inhumane, and are fighting tirelessly to ensure it is not implemented. These groups believe the rights of individuals and freedom of movement would be disregarded if the President’s move is implemented.

Migrant Rights International

MRI was established to advocate for human rights among the migrant communities in different parts of the world. Migrant Rights International also ensures there is peace and unity among the migrant communities as well as inclusivity in policy making and implementation processes. The organization fights for the rights of these groups to be respected by authorities and communities where they live.

Migrant Rights International collaborates with non-governmental organizations supporting migrant’s rights all over the world. MRI has acted as a link between other rights groups operating locally, nationally and globally in different continents including Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Civic Assistance Committee

Civic Assistance Committee was formed in 1990 to help migrant and refugee communities. It is a non-profit organization with the objective helping migrant’s group seek justices from various levels of authorities such as police, courts and attorneys. Besides defending migrant’s rights, the organization also provides humanitarian assistance to these groups, especially those unable to get basic needs.

Due to its role as a mediator, Civic Assistance Committee has created better relationship with several parties involved in addressing various problems encountered by migrants and refugees. The Committee support vulnerable communities in a wide range of areas like health, education, migration and others.

About Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

Michael and Jim are the executives of Village Voice Media who were forcibly arrested by the then feared “Selective Enforcement Unit” from Maricopa County. They were immediately booked in different jails under the control of Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio.

The Phoenix New Times which is owned by Michael and Jim had exposed the misdeed of the county sheriff, which led to their arrest. The Phoenix New Times had reported gross mismanagement of the sheriff’s office under the leadership of Arpaio. The two journalists were later set free under 24 hours after their arrest following the demand of activists and other rights groups. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund

The illegal detention of the two journalists kicked-off a prolonged lawsuit that was concluded in 2013. The appellate court awarded Lacey and Larkin $3.7 million as settlement that was paid by Maricopa County.

The two co-founded Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund, a unique platform that targets Hispanic community in Arizona that has been a victim of civil rights abuses in the area. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey fund non-profit organizations advocating for civil rights individuals in Arizona.

Nathaniel Drew Brings Innovation to Healthy Food Establishment

Nathaniel Ru is helping people see that there is an alternative to the fast food that they have been accustomed to. He is totally changing the way that people look at healthy eating, and he has a lot of interest in what he is doing. With Sweetgreen he has shown many people that the restaurant industry has a need for something new. He has created a menu with warm bowls and salads that have been praised through social media and by many people that have given testimonials through their act of patronizing this franchise. The lines can be long at times, but that is clearly a sign of just how great the food is. Learn more:


Nathaniel Ru has definitely been able to build a much better platform for healthy eating because he has incorporated so many things that have made it easier to count calories. There are many items that are listed on the website, and the calorie count for these items is clearly shown. Learn more:


People do not have to guess about how many calories they are consuming. When they have access to a restaurant like Sweetgreen they have a better idea of what they are actually putting into their bodies as far as calorie counts go. This is going to be very helpful for anyone that may have been struggling with the concept of keeping up with the number of calories that they are consuming. Nathaniel Ru has proven that he knows just what it takes for people to build a better diet, and he has done his very best to build up a unique customer base where people can acquire whatever types of salads and fruits they desire. So many people will be elated to see just how Sweetgreen and make a difference in their diet. This is the kind of company that changes everything that people may see when they are looking for a better way to handle their diets. Sweetgreen is a restaurant that is on the innovative edge. Nathaniel is bringing for some cashless restaurant models where customers will not be able to pay with any physical money. This is a safety measure that is being implemented, and it shows that Nathaniel Ru is forward-thinking. Learn more:


The people that are watching Sseetgreen grow are the ones that are going to be able to see the potential that he has when it comes to changing health food menus.


American Citizens Need Continued Resources of Advocacy Groups for Clarity of Rights

When the government chooses to exercise its leverage to decrease, ignore, or reduce, the liberties and rights of law-abiding citizens, it requires an increased awareness to the public and a heightened approach by advocacy groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

The ACLU was founded in 1920 by 11 anti-war protesters who were primarily focused on freedom of speech issues. At that time in America, there weren’t any advocacy groups available that could become a watchful eye, or supporter, for civil rights.

In the 1930’s, the ACLU expanded to include the protection of people’s rights pertaining to police misconduct and racial discrimination. By the mid 1960’s the organization reached a membership of 80,000 members. As of 2017, the ACLU now has 1.2 million members and an annual budget of over $133 million to support many causes throughout the United States.

The founding members were determined to exercise freedom of speech rights and empower those who felt disenfranchised by the government solely because of their political views regarding war.

Since that time, the ACLU has broadened the scope to include protecting the rights of women, same-sex marriage, abortion, and they hold an opposing position on the death penalty. Those issues, and many more, are why the non-profit organization has over 300 staff attorneys to render the legal support. Learn more about Michael Lacey:

Advocacy groups serve a significant role in the community and without them some people would not have a way to combat the injustices they believe have reduced their civil rights.

Groups such as the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund provide assurances to the public that their rights are being afforded the protection they’ve earned as American citizens. The Larkin & Lacey Fund was founded after a landmark case involving its founding members Michael Lacy and Jim Larkin. After an unprecedented violation of their civil rights involving the first amendment right, which was ruled on by the U.S. Supreme Court in their favor, the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund was created to provide resources for an array of civil rights issues.

Based in the state of Arizona, the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund has prevailed on issues that have empowered the community to not only stand up for their civil rights and liberties, but to also become informed.

The organization was in support of Arizona ACLU’s successful defending of free speech of day laborers, as well as Arizona’s “show me your papers” SB1070, which was passed to require law enforcement to implement immigration laws. SB1070 was later determined to be unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. As a result of the case, the Arizona ACLU joined forces with other affiliates to focus more on border litigation. Read more: Phoenix New Time

With advocacy groups continuing to enforce the civil liberties and civil rights of American citizens, there can be less of a reason for concern; however, there will be a continuing need for their expansion. There has never been a time in America where the lines have been blurred as much as they are now.

An Overview of Career Progress of Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar, a financial expert was recently interviewed on Ideamensch about his professional life. Through his vast experience in the credit and finance field, Mr. Lubar developed ideas that would help other businessmen and entrepreneurs achieve their goals. He started by findings ways to eliminate obstacles that prevent individuals from accessing the much needed funds to grow and expand their businesses. Mr. Lubar developed a product that provided consumers with what they needed. On a typical day, Todd shares breakfast with his kids, then checks emails and news, and later spends a few minutes working out before heading to his office.

According to Hackronym, experience plays critical role of helping entrepreneurs bring ideas to reality. His previous in the real estate industry guided him to specialize in mortgage banking sector through TDL Global Ventures. Being organized and knowing every operating level of his business allows Todd to make informed and prompt decisions. As an entrepreneur, Mr. Lubar has worked constantly hard and it has enabled him to achieve his goals.

Career History of Todd Lubar

Mr. Lubar settled on providing real estate services in 1995. He kicked off his career at Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he served as a loan originator. This offered him the opportunity to expand his skills and knowledge on mortgage banking sector. It was a critical experience because he developed working relations with financial planners, CPA’s, real estate agents and insurance brokers who now are a reliable source of client referrals. In 2002, Mr. Lubar expanded his business portfolio by launching Legendary Properties, LLC., a residential real estate firm. He had rapid progression in the industry, providing him with the opportunity to create work relationships with experienced individuals in the construction industry.

Todd’s Current Positions

Currently, Todd Lubar serves as TDL Global Ventures, President. He is also the Sr. VP at Legendary Investment. He has focused on the real estate market for more than 20 years now, with the objective of helping people realize their dreams. He is very passionate about supporting the community, and through his wide experience he has managed to put others on success path.

See more:

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Securus Technologies Brings Citizens Together

Securus Technologies is the best and has one of the most advanced types of communication that is currently there for correctional facilities nowadays. But surprisingly many distinct correctional facilities haven’t taken the initiative to use this form of communication. If you are cautious about the security of your place or neighborhood please make a call to local courts and encourage them of the best and secure firm Securus Technologies. The firm aids in installing communication platforms to local correctional facilities and the company has been proven to be the best catalyst in aiding to solve the crime. By installing the gadget, it helps monitor and track the communication between visitors and inmates and help the law enforcement. The information gathered can be used in court if needed for investigation purposes.


It’s important to note that Securus Technologies cannot be categorized under an ordinary form of communication. Securus Technologies is one of the best communication platforms that is not only helpful to visitors who help inmate but also it equally important to the detainees. Also, it provides a platform where inmates can interact with their relatives who are at their very comfort of their houses.


If you doubt about whether the firm has already installed their systems in particular correctional facility, please feel free to pay a visit at the website to know whether is currently used in the facility. Also for those of us who like to read they are various press releases currently available on the website, and they are up to date. Securus Technologies is reaching great heights to help people live in peace and harmony.


A Deeper Look Into The Risks Of Passive Index Investments

Recently, Warren Buffet has wagered a million dollars to charity that can bring in a greater investment return than a hedge fund management group by making investments towards an S&P 500 passive index fund. This is definitely an interesting claim that warrants attention. Tim Armour, the chief executive officer at Capital Group, has added his input to this situation. He believes that Warren Buffet is correct in believing that there are too many overpriced funds that short investors in the long run. He also believes that the risks of passive index investments are often very high due to their susceptibility to volatility risks and opportunity costs.

Jim has stated that index funds have their place, but they provide no cushion against down markets. In addition to all of this, he also believes that there are two helpful ways to help investors identify exceptional fund managers, low expenses, and high manager ownership. This means you should disregard all of the high-cost funds and work with fund managers who invest their own money along with investors. He also finds that it is worth noting that millions of people are retiring and younger Americans are doubtful that they will be able to save for their own retirement. It is important that seek out qualified investors to help them secure their future.

Capital Group, founded in 1931 in Los Angeles, California, is one of the world’s oldest investment management companies. It was founded by Johnathan Bell Lovelace. Originally, the company was named Lovelace, Dennis & Renfrew. It would later become known as the Capital Group. They currently manage over $1 trillion in assets. They offer various services including, mutual funds, collective investment trusts, investment services, and private equity. Today, Timothy D. Armour is the chairman and chief executive officer of Capital Group. He is also principal executive officer of Capital Research and Management Company. He has over 32 years of experience from working with the company. He also has a bachelor’s degree in economics that he obtained from Middlebury College.

Wild Ark

Planning to go on a trip? Looking for the right travel destination? Are you a bit of a nature lover and eco-adventurer? If you’re someone who sincerely loves the wild and everything it has to offer, from the sights, the sounds, and smells you’ve come to the right place. This is a short list of eco-friendly travel destinations that’ll give you everything you’re looking for and more.




Palaui is an island located in the northeast of Cagayan Valley, Philippines. Without a doubt Palaui is a tropical paradise that one doesn’t easily forget. Lush and elegant the island takes you back to a simpler time, before commercialization swept over the world. Largely deserted with a population less than 700 the isolation is near therapeutic. The lack of car horns and police sirens allows one to truly be at peace and focus on what really matters to them most. Exploration is only possible on foot, therefore, scenic hikes are all the rage for tourists and the scenery doesn’t disappoint. Its raw beauty and extensive wildlife make sure of that.




Kerala is a state located on India’s tropical Malabar Coast. Kerala is one of those destinations travelers just adore. Dozens of professional travel bloggers their love for it repeatedly for many reasons. Its palm lined beaches and Western Ghats mountains has earned it the moniker of “Gods Own Country.” It is home to National parks like Eravikulam and Periyar, and other sanctuaries. The abundance of untouched forests leave it teeming with exotic plant and animal species. Elephants, bison and wild boar roam freely within the Lake Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary.


Wild Ark


Wild Ark is a conservation company devoted to conserving and protecting the world’s wild places, and educating people about nature. Wild Ark promises travelers a fun and enjoyable trip, while inspiring them to become more involved in conservation efforts.


The conservation company has wildlife destinations located in some of the world’s wildest places known to man. Each travel experience is designed to be one of a kind.


Popular travel destinations provided by Wild Ark Travel include: South Africa, Botswana, Bristol Bay, Alaska, East Africa, as well as, Zambia.


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EOS Lip Balm’s developers’ candid interview

Reportedly, Fast Company did a one on one interview with the creators and founders of Evolution of Smooth, or EOS, last October. The company EOS has generated over $250 million within almost a decade. In fact it has even surpassed sales of Chapstick and Blistex, two companies which have been around for a lot longer.

In the interview, the creators reveal that the lip balm department hit a specific chord with them as a number one prime target for fast selling products on Wal-Mart and other stores. This conclusion was drawn up when they realized that most of the products on the market were not going to sell too well if they had concocted something from another category.

Evolution of Smooth currently sells well over 1 million of their products per week with a prediction of sales skyrocketing in the year 2020 with $2 billion revenue. Sanjiv Mehra, co founder and managing partner, tells Fast Company that not building a huge commotion around EOS was deliberate and a smart business strategy on their part. Mehra states that customers should take into consideration the type of foundation EOS lip balm is and what it represents.

Lip balm is generally treated as an all gender type of product, but oddly enough, the developers found that there was an overwhelming call for lip balms by women. In the studies they did, they found that women find tubes of lip balms to be too small for their handbags and they would easily lose them, or even find that the application of lip balm was unhygienic when the pots were introduced. One other thing they found in their study is that consumers do not find applying lip balm enjoyable what so ever. So in that instance, the Evolution of Smooth founders did what they could. Visit the company’s website at

Read the whole interview here:


Bruce Bent II, A Name To Reckon With Innovative Short Term Asset Management

Bruce Bent II has earned quite a formidable reputation as somebody who is an authority on innovative short-term asset management. That apart, he has excellent insight into matters about cash related solutions for brokers, dealers, banks, qualified plan as well as retail markets.

He is known to have a keen vision and great entrepreneurial drive, which have resulted in the creation of some of the most heralded products emanating from the technological development of cash sweep and extended FDIC insured programs. Besides the owning of more than 60 patents, Bent II can claim the unique distinction of watching his inventions transform the FDIC insured cash management landscape into an over $1 trillion industry-no mean achievement that.

Another feather in Bent II’s cap is the fact that is his proven ability as a CEO who oversaw the incredible growth of The Reserve. The Reserve is a money market mutual fund and FDIC cash management business which he managed over a 17 year period, leading it to some great success. His finest hour came when he oversaw the organized and professional disposal of some of the subsidiaries and affiliates of the firm in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis.

Apart from being the Vice Chairman and President of the premium financial, services and technologies company Double Rock Corporation, he also works in the capacity of a senior executive in every one of the six subsidiaries of the enterprise. These include Access Control Advantage LLC who specialize in the retirement segment and Island Intellectual Property LLC, who are engaged in patent licensing in the financial services field. Both of these forms have earned a stellar reputation as innovators par excellence.

Before the financial crisis of 2008 impacted operations and stymied the growth of The Reserve, Bent II served as its highly successful president. At that time the firm had the enviable reputation of being the world’s largest privately held money institution and managed the number two money market fund in the world.

It is not surprising therefore that BentII  is frequently quoted in the world’s leading financial media publications.

For more information follow Bruce Bent II on Twitter.

Beverly Hills Auto Group is the Place to go for Used BMWs

Beverly Hills Auto Group is one of the prime places to go for BMW’s, used or brand new. Beverly Hills Auto Group doesn’t make you spend hours with a pushy sales person. Buying a car at Beverly Hills Auto Group includes no hidden fees. The great thing about buying from Beverly Hills Auto Group is that even if you purchase a used car they still have a 5 star rating. They select everything that goes in the inventory so that you have the best options and prices, including BMW 650i navigation, BMW x5 35d sport/Navigation and BMW M3 Navigation. They have a huge room to showcase their inventory. Beverly Hills Auto Group was founded in 1969 and is located at 6107 Northern Blvd, Woodside, NY 11377.