The Academy of Art University at New York Fashion Week: Introducing the Future of Fashion

This fall’s New York Fashion Week took place September 7-13, 2017, and brought to the public’s attention new designers to watch out for in the future.


During Fashion Week, the School of Fashion at the Academy of Art University held its 21st runway showcase at Skylight Clarkson Square and the results were impressive. Since 2005, the Academy of Art University has been participating bi-annually in the New York Fashion Week event.


These young designers, who received their education from the Academy of Art University, are introducing the future of fashion.


The unique and creative styles of ten recent BFA and MFA graduates were debuted in five womenswear and two menswear collections. These fresh new designers come from a variety of backgrounds, from exotic places, such as Mexico and China, to well-known spots, such as Chicago and LA. They each used their own individual cultural and traditional backgrounds to create beautiful and unique designs.


One of these designers, Joanna Jadallah, who has an MFA in Menswear Design, was born in Chicago, Illinois, but was raised in Orange County, California, and has a Palestinian background. Jadallah’s collection was inspired by her ancestors flight from Palestine and their need to leave their loved ones and possessions behind in order to begin a new life in America.


Another designer, Saya Shen, who has an MFA in Fashion Design, is from Beijing, China. She used scenes in nature to create her designs. Using the many landscapes she photographed, she was inspired by the snow forms of Hokkaido, Japan, and by the topography of the trees and ocean waves in San Francisco, to design her clothing.


The Academy of Art University is a privately owned for-profit art school in San Francisco, California. In 1929, it was founded by Richard S. Stephens as the Academy of Advertising Art.


Since 1992, his granddaughter, Elisa Stephens, has been the president. Under her presidency, the number of students has increased from 2000 to 18,000. Currently, the Academy of Arts University is the largest privately owned art and design school in the United States. Their athletic program is intensive as well.


The Academy of Art University offers both Undergraduate and Graduate degrees in Fashion Design. Classes are taught by faculty working in fashion today.


The rich American history of OSI Industries

When the average person thinks of a company that plays a part in their everyday life many names come to mind. Big names such as Facebook and Microsoft may top the list, but there are many examples of major companies who work diligently with little public recognition. One of the greatest examples of this an underground titan of industry is the food processors at OSI Industries.

OSI started humbly over 100 years ago in 1909 by German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky. For almost fifty years he developed this company with his sons and became a reputable wholesale meat provider in the city of Chicago.

In 1955 everything changed. At the time, both OSI and McDonald’s were fledgling companies with a lot to prove. Ray Kroc shared his big dreams and Ambitions with Otto, an auto was prepared to do everything he could to serve this new restaurant’s needs. With nothing more than a handshake agreement, Ray Kroc and the sons of Otto Kolschowsky began one of the most successful long-term partnership and US business history.

As we all know McDonald’s became an instant success and spread across the country. Because of the mutually shared ambition between Otto’s sons and Ray Kroc, both companies were able to stay ahead of the competition and continue to provide fresh burgers at a price none of their competitors could touch.

In the 1960s cryogenic freezing was being developed for the food service industry. This allowed the company drastically increase their stake McDonald’s. They went from being one of 200 different meat providers to being one of just four companies providing beef and processed patties for McDonald’s.

The leaders at OSI were still not satisfied. They saw the future in McDonald’s and focus their efforts entirely on providing for them. In 1973 they invested in research and development, enabling them to open their first high-volume meat processing plant. This upgrade included custom developed Patty for as well as liquid nitrogen freezing tunnels to specifically serve McDonald’s needs. Just two years later in 1975 to became the sole provider for McDonald’s and have maintained a strong relationship ever since.

What makes a story uniquely American is how strong the trust between these two companies have been. What started as a handshake agreement between two men has become a global phenomenon serving billions of customers each and every year. It is a true testament to the opportunity that is out there, as well as how much goes on behind-the-scenes.

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Sawyer Howitt On Being A Better Worker And Entrepreneur

The Meriwether Group’s Project Manager Sawyer Howitt is taking the world by storm. At just 18 years old he knows how to run a business successfully, has headed a number of philanthropic causes he passionate about, and has held important positions at big businesses.

Indeed this young man knows where he’s going in life. In this article Sawyer Howitt gives millennial readers tips to better their business skills.

You may be overlooked at your job because you are young. Just be patient and work hard. In time you will be recognized for your great work ethic and killer skills if you just put the time in. This also means have confidence. It’s challenging when you lack the experience that the more mature folk have. Don’t be afraid to speak up about what you can offer. Be persistent when it comes to your goals. Being an entrepreneur has its ups and downs. You will experience hardship and challenges with your business, but don’t give up. If you do, you may miss out on something really great. It’s going to take time, lots of effort, sacrifice, and who knows what else to achieve your business goals. Being persistent is the key to everyone’s success, so stick with it. Focus on the advantages of youth. You have more energy for your job than the older folk. You also most likely have less family obligations to hold you back, and are more likely to have a renewed sense of life and ready to get working.


When working with others be confident and follow through. If you are talk the talk, walk the walk. Let’s say you tell your boss you are going to do x,y, and z. Follow through and you will have more credibility when it comes to dealing with others.

Sawyer Howitt is an avid racquetball player and future entrepreneur. He plays with the Portland Racquet Club and has got the attention of the national racquetball scene. Sawyer also works for his father’s business, David Howitt, The Meriwether Group as a Project Manager.

Sawyer is a student at the University of California, Berkeley. He plans to graduate from UCB’s Entrepreneurial Finance degree program. This budding entrepreneur previously worked at RFID Checkout as their Business Strategy Analyst. He also worked at KURE Juice Bar in customer service.

The Journey of Nathaniel Ru and the Co-founders of Sweetgreen

Nathaniel Ru and his friends always had trouble getting a healthy place to have a meal during their senior year at Georgetown University. This gave them a business idea and they created an eatery at M street. Six years down the line, the eatery has grown into a restaurant.

Nathaniel Ru narrates how the landlord hang up on her when she called to explain their idea. It also turned out that the landlord of tavern space was still the owner of the apartment next to where her friends stayed. They persisted in calling the landlord close to a month and finally got an appointment.

They created a three page business plan and wore suits in an effort to impress the landlord. The meeting ended well since the landlord asked them to get an architect and develop a real plan.

Nathaniel Ru says it took them three and a half weeks to find an architect and some backers. Today, Nathaniel Ru says that she understands that the landlord took a risk in accepting the concept of college seniors who had no prior business experience. She admits that it was a blessing that came to them at the right time. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | LinkedIn and Nathaniel Ru Blazes a Trail in The Height Food Industry | Affiliate Dork

Sweetgreen has stores in different cities and the suburbs including Washington, New York, and Philadelphia. It is known for providing healthy and fresh food. Theresa Dold who is in charge of digital marketing at Sweetgreen says that the company has been more than just about salad.

She says that people have compared their company to Apple and she too relates to it. She says that both of them believe in challenging norms and questioning the why before the what.

She says that sweetgreen takes a similar approach of marketing to that of Apple. Sweetgreen wants to appear sexy and social with a great line of music and juice provided at festivals. According to Theresa Dold.

People do not buy what you do but rather the way you do it. Nathaniel Ru affirms that all the stores of Sweetgreen must live up to the company’s core value and serve the society.

Nathaniel Ru is the co-founder of Sweetgreen alongside Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman. She was born in Pasadena, California on May 3rd 1985. Nathaniel Ru went to Georgetown University and they founded the company three months after graduation. The company has since grown due to its ability to provide healthy tasty food at an affordable price.

The Real Estate Industry in Brazil and the Contribution of Jose Auriemo Neto’s JHSF

JHSF is a Brazilian real estate company. It has over the years ventured into other sectors under the leadership of Jose Auriemo Neto. The company opened its doors in 1972 and has since continued to grow.


JHSF operations are in major cities in Brazil, with its headquarters being in Salvador. Its operations are also in cities like Sao Paulo as well as Manaus. Owing to the plan by the company to diversify and expand, it now has ventured into hotel business. Shopping malls are also part of the expansive portfolio the company now brags. In 2006, the CEO, Neto partnered with CPIC, SAES, Vista and Santa Cruz in a strategic growth strategy. When JHSF acquired the majority shares of Hotel Fasano, it laid the ground for the final acquisition of the said hotel. After the successful purchase of the hotel, JHSF also managed to purchase all of Hotel Fasano’s chains. Through this bold maneuver, the realtor was now in contention for a real piece of the hotel business pie at a cost of ’53 million reais’.

Jose Auriemo Neto

Jose Auriemo Neto, has had a successful career culminating to his rise to CEO position at JHSF. He is the company’s lead strategic and development planning personnel. Neto, as a board member at JHSF, gets to defend his projects and plans for expansion and diversification. His leadership has led to the construction of the complex, Cidada Jardim among others. The Metro Tucuruv and Ponta Negra complex are other complexes erected under the leadership of Jose Neto. The Bel Vista is a Manaus complex which is also a project sponsored by the CEO. The company, by venturing thus, has shown itself successfully in a number of industries.

Schooling and Work

Like most of the prestigious personalities of Brazil, Jose Auriemo went to ‘Fundaco Armando Alvares Panteado (FAAP) University’. He soon afterwards, 1993, began working for JHSF rising to the board membership around the year 1999. Working and influencing the leadership at JHSF, he pushed for diversification and would soon launch parkbem, his project towards his diversification agenda. When the project picked, the board warmed up to the diversification idea and so JHSF ventured into other industries.

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David McDonald expands OSI Group into Europe

At the OSI Group, David McDonald acts as the chief operating officer (COO). On top of that, he is the president in the office of OSI Group. David McDonald attended a degree course in the Lowa University. From the university graduated with a degree in the animal science field. His first position at the OSI Group was as the project managers. David McDonald also holds a position at the Marfrig Global S.A. as an independent directorate.

OSI Group was begun in the year 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky as little butchers shop in Chicago. Its name was Otto & Sons. It is world’s leading foods stuff producer. OSI Group has enjoyed a hundred years of existence and has developed a unique reputation of its kind as it has written down of its operation in a history that is impressive. It has now grown its existence in many locations totaling to around 65 across the globe. It is based on food security foundation, sustainability together with practices.

OSI Group figures on the global platform as the leading producer of protein-rich foods. Some of the foods given by the company include beef patties, pizzas, sandwiches, and sausages. David McDonald has put forward plans in advancing the company in most countries around the world. The need for the company to expand is not only by capacity but also by quality food products that will satisfy the customers want. OSI Group has also extended its branches into Europe through the formation of OSI Europe.

Baho Food has also decided to join the reputed industry. Baho Food is a company that has widely opened the door for OSI Group to explore Europe. Baho, a Dutch company, specializes in deli meats and snacks. It operates using five subsidiaries that are widely spread through Europe in Germany and Netherlands. Additionally, it reaches eighteen European countries. OSI Group now enjoys a more robust management team. The Baho Food came in with its managing director and the team of managers who joined the management team of the OSI Group industries to bring together their ideas and together grow the company.

OSI Group has expanded and opened other branches outside the United States of America. Those companies outside the US are about sixteen of them. The branch created in Europe, was attained when OSI Group bought Flagship Europe. The OSI Group’s branch in Europe supply frozen poultry among other products.

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The Inspiring and Remarkable Career of Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a creative entrepreneur and successful businessman. He is the current Executive Chairman and CEO of Swiss Startup Factory, a firm he founded in 2014 to help budding digital entrepreneurs realize their goals. The company is based in Zurich, Switzerland and has a strong network both locally and internationally. Baur has over 20 years’ experience in the banking sector, where he acquired valuable business and financial skills. He proficiently passes on these skills to his clients as he also applies the financial expertise to swiftly run his establishments.


Banking Career

Baur’s banking career commenced when he was only 16 years old. He started off as an apprentice at the Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) in 1991 and worked hard throughout the 1990s, gaining valuable experience as he rose through the ranks. Before he hit 30 years, Baur was promoted to an influential advisory position, where he had a chance to offer advice to wealthy Swiss investors as well as the country’s richest individuals. In 2008, Baur left UBS and joined Clariden Leu, one of the most prominent Swiss banks where he held a top executive position for about six years. After garnering ample experience and capital, Baur decided to quit employment and venture into entrepreneurship.



In 2014, Mike Baur teamed up with Max Meister, his Bern University comrade, to form Swiss startup factory (SSUF) with the aim of assisting promising tech start-up firms in finding their niche in the business world. The duo launched the incubator program, which provides training, finances, and mentorship to budding businesses. Additionally, the firms get three months rent-free offices in Zurich, marketing advice, networking opportunities as well as guidance on how to acquire funding from investors. In 2014, Baur took part in a contest dubbed SMART Summiter at a Swiss University. During the event, new business founders get a chance to talk about their business models, products and plans. Mike’s participation in this competition affirmed Swiss startup factory’s position as a popular and credible business incubator, a position it has maintained to date.


Other Ventures

Mike Baur is also the founder and owner of Think Reloaded, which offers esteemed advice to wealthy clients. Through SSUF, he has also partnered with several prominent firms to diversify the company’s operations. SSUF has partnered with CTI Invest, where Mike is a deputy managing director and the two firms organize training through an event dubbed Swiss Startup Day. In 2016, SSUF partnered with BV4, an appraisal company that evaluates the monetary value of business ideas with the intention of assisting entrepreneurs to acquire financing for their projects.


Academic Qualifications

Mike Baur graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Science from the University of Applied Sciences, Bern in 2000 where he majored in Banking and Finance. He then attained a Master of Business Administration from the University of Rochester as well as an Executive Master of Business Administration from The University of Bern, Switzerland, in 2008.


Mike Bur is certainly a talented and innovative entrepreneur who is devoted to helping others realize their entrepreneurial dreams. He continues to be a great inspiration to many in the business world.


Re-Gearing For Recyling at Orange Coast College

In today’s society we have a very pressing concern with our environment and any potentially damaging things we may be doing to it. It should only stand to reason that among the forefront of the efforts to combat environmental damage is recycling. Recycling is an extremely beneficial process of turning out waste into usable products once again. Learn more:

In September of 2017 the Orange Coast College unveiled an amazing new recycling center. This facility boasts not only state of the art recycling equipment but also contains a conference room, classrooms, a first aid room, men and woman’s showers, offices and 45 parking spaces available.

Construction for this massive facility only took sixteen months in total and is set on the north edge of the Coast Mesa Campus. This recycling center is not only state of the art but also sits on nearly five acres; additionally it cost nearly $7.5 million to construct. Learn more:

The administrative facility for the recycling center boasts a mostly solar powered and eco-friendly build with solar powered light tubes inside. The Orange Coast College has had a recycling center for over 45 years and has been a focal point of recycling for the entire region.

The recycling center accepts the basic recyclables such as glass and aluminum cans, paper and plastic bottles. It does accept a few other items for recycling such as old fax machines, computer monitors, televisions, as well as household cooking oil, fluorescent light tubes and batteries. With the ability to process and recycle so many different items commonly disposed of into a dump site, it is a small wonder why the region utilizes this facility so regularly.

The Orange Coast Campus itself is a 164-acre campus that was founded in 1947. The campus offers a variety of two years associate degrees in art as well as science. Also on offer are a range of certificates of achievement and transferable classes in the lower division, able to transfer to another university.

The mission of the Orange Coast College has always been to provide affordable education in the skilled trades, licensed trades and professions in demand in the economy today. It is among the highest rated transfer schools in the state of California.


Nabors Industries excel under the leadership of mathematician and lawyer Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello is the chief executive officer and chairman of Nabors Industries Ltd. This is an American firm that operates in almost every continent in the world. Nabors Industries has operations in the united stated, far east, middle east and Africa. It is a natural gas drilling company that has grown to become the largest natural gas drilling company in the world. Nabors started as a small company in 1968, then known as Anglo Energy Ltd. It has been able to grow from the little-known company it was to become a big player in the industry all because of good management. The team at the head of the company is talented believes in productivity. Headed by Anthony Petrello, the team has implemented some far reaching policies that have seen them grow the business in a huge way. In addition, the company has created jobs for thousands of people across the world. Natural gas drilling being a major economic activity in the world, Nabors has been able to boost the world’s economy significantly.

Anthony who is from the little-known town of Newark. New Jersey is a naturally talented mathematician. In his early life, he was able to handle complex mathematical problems that could only be handled by people in levels of higher learning. He was exceptionally good in calculus and algebra problems. He was offered scholarship to study at the prestigious Yale University School of mathematics. At Yale, he graduated with bachelors in mathematics as well as a masters in the same. After his master, he was not interested in starting a career as a mathematician. He joined the Harvard school of law. He was determined to be a lawyer in life. After his law studies, he was employed as a lawyer and was a managing partner of Baker & McKenzie law firm in the New York offices.

One of his clients at Baker & McKenzie was Nabors Industries Ltd. The management of the company spotted that Anthony had a special talent in analyzing data and decided to poach him from the firm. In 1991 he joined Nabors Industries as the chief operating officer for the company.

It is amazing that Anthony Petrello does not have a background in business studies but has gone ahead to lead the company to become of the biggest companies in the world. His talent is exceptional. In one of his greatest milestones in the career, he was the best-paid CEO in 2014.

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Oncotarget Becomes a Leading Source of Scientific News

At times, the latest information related to the many different fields of science and medicine can be buried in expensive journals, weekly magazines, and newsletters and held within unconventional sources that may be difficult to access. While there are many ways for individuals to access the latest information on these subjects, by far the most practical method is to subscribe to online news channels that publish the most up-to-date data regarding a subject of interest. In this respect, one of the best online resources today, used by thousands of scientists and medical professionals Oncotarget.

More information about Oncotarget

Oncotarget is a free-to-access, multidisciplinary online scientific journal that publishes papers on the internet, updated every week. Each paper within the journal or weekly issue of Oncotarget can be printed on individual demand. The journal exists to help researchers to contribute toward the advancement of science. It is led by some of the world’s most prominent scientific minds. The ultimate aim of the publication is to work toward life without disease, and this has prompted the launch of sections other than oncology. The journal’s mission is multi-faceted and includes:

  • Making results of scientific studies quickly and widely available to all;
  • Providing insightful reviews that help to maximize the impact of scientific research;
  • Enabling the quick sharing of exceptional scientific discoveries;
  • Eliminating the borders between various specialties;
  • Providing a link between different disciplines of biomedical science;
  • Fostering the application of new advances in clinical science to fight disease across the world

The kind of Information that Oncotarget Provides

Despite its name, Oncotarget focuses on spreading information on a variety of disciplines besides oncology. Although oncology is the journals major focus, other sections include immunology, aging, endocrinology, and metabolism. It also focuses on pharmacology, microbiology, cardiology, cell biology, and neuroscience. There is also a lot of freely available information on the latest developments in cancer research, its therapies, and treatments.