Nationwide Title Clearing – Helping Americans Protect Their Homes

Title defects can often cause major inconvenience for home owners and real estate buyers. In fact, it is not uncommon to face lengthy legal process due to a minor defect in the title. An average American may not be aware of defects in the title, particularly if the property is owned for several years. During the period, changes in local real estate laws can also impact the title.


According to the premier research and document processing provider, Nationwide Title Clearing, keeping accurate property records can reduce the risk of buybacks and foreclosure. Therefore, it is important for home buyers to check for possible discrepancies. Playing its part to protect real estate buyers and seller, NTC launched a ground-breaking initiative to revamp its website making property records available, online. Now, anyone can easily search real estate history, transaction, records, and titles, using a very simple online interface.


Traditionally, title defects were restricted to legal cases when someone else claims legal ownership of the real estate. However, the number of instances of an invalid title has increased recently. These title defects can result from a simple issue of wordings in the title that does not comply with the existing real estate law. Another increasing trend is the failure of the property owner to include signature of the pertinent party such as spouse or another family member. Likewise, if previous liens and other encumbrances are not removed, a property record may become void. In fact, if a previous or current owner did not follow recordings or legal procedures, the current owner may face repercussions.


To resolve these issues and help consumers, Nationwide Title Clearing, is also offering additional services to its clients. These services include assignment report verification services. The service offers complete information regarding mortgage, liabilities, and records of owners. Accordingly, there is also a current owner record for the purpose. Similarly, the tax report indicates tax status for any taxes, including county, city and school board taxes that are current, due, or delinquent.


According to the CEO of the company, Nationwide Title Clearing is successful because it ensures clean and error-free records. After compiling records from multiple sources, each entry is double-checked by an agent. The process also recognizes the financial burden on a client if the client is ordering too many fields and additional documents.


Since its inception in 1991, NTC has become one of the premier providers of property records and real estate document processing. Its impeccable record is acknowledged by industry veterans as nearly 8 out of 10 leading mortgage service providers in the United States are clients of the company. Recently, the company was listed in the fastest growing enterprises of America, acknowledged by Inc. Magazine. In 2013, NTC also won the Hire Power award for putting Americans back to work.

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