How Fabletics Goes Digital-First to Delight Members

Fabletics has become the one to watch in the world of fashionable athletic wear. The company was founded just a few short years ago by Kate Hudson and TechStyle Group and has become the unicorn darling of “athleisure” wear. At the time it was founded, Fabletics was competing with high-end brands like Lululemon that were incredibly expensive and offered little variation. Fabletics wanted to offer women that same quality at a fraction of the cost. Today, Fabletics has seen one of the largest growth spurts in the history of fashion startups. The company has generated $250 in revenue and also has over 1.4 million dedicated members that receive outfits on a monthly basis.


So, how did they do it? Fabletics CEO says that the success of the company is due to the initial goal to start off as a company that utilizes the reverse showroom technique. This means that instead of going out and building a bunch of physical locations – costing massive overhead – Fabletics would go digital first, offering the entire experience of the brand online. While marketing experts and sales analysts can’t collect data on which in-store items a specific consumer looked at or tried on (at least, let’s hope they can’t!), any interaction with the brand can be collected online. This gives Fabletics the power to build a unique reverse showroom for every member. This means that members see more of what they like, and less of what they don’t. Fabletics even custom-curates its content marketing and social media marketing to show outfits that are tailored to individual taste preferences.



Kate Hudson is not only the spokesperson for Fabletics, she is a true part of its leadership team. She directs social media strategy, advertising strategy and is highly involved in daily operations. She also monitors sales data very closely. She keeps a keen eye on how every piece is performing so Fabletics can easily adjust its items to ensure members are delighted with each outfit. She has said that she would never work with a brand or product unless she really believed in it. Fabletics is like her baby and she’s constantly working to ensure its success.


To learn more about Fabletics and to find your unique athletic wear style, visit the company’s website and take the LifeStyle Quiz. The quiz is just a few short questions. Once you answer, you’ll unlock access to the Fabletics outfits that you would likely like best.