Doe Deere: The Queen of Unicorns on Her Journey, Lime Crime, and More

In an interview with Guest of a Guest, Doe Deere, or as she’s also known, the Queen of Unicorns, talks about growing up, meeting her husband, and how she came to found her successful cosmetics brand, Lime Crime.

Doe was born in Russia where she lived until the age of 17, at which point she moved to New York City in 1998. Originally, she pursued dreams of making it as a musician. She would meet her future husband during this time as they played in a band together.

Being a musician would also help lay the groundwork for her future career as a cosmetic creator. Working in music helped Deere learn marketing skills among other things – but it wasn’t her first entrepreneurial endeavor. Her first business? Selling temporary tattoos at the age of 13 in Russia.

Doe also attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and majored in fashion design, skills that she says go hand-in-hand with hair and makeup.

So how exactly did the multi-talented Queen of Unicorns become a successful cosmetic brand? It started in 2008 when finding a range of bright colors to match her bright clothes (she was sewing and selling clothing on eBay at the time) was essentially impossible. So she simply started making them herself.

The official launch of Lime Crime came in 2009 with their line of Unicorn Lipsticks. This would kick-start the brand into popularity.

“I was so surprised to see just how many girls gravitated towards the same. So the company was profitable for that reason,” said Deere in her interview about the success of Lime Crime.

And successful it has been. The brand has almost two-and-a-half million followers on Instagram.

Doe also spends her time encouraging and building up other aspiring female entrepreneurs. Her best advice for achieving your dreams? “Follow your heart”. According to Deere, the best recipe for success is simply that – find what you love and explore those avenues. Being true to yourself is the best path to achieving your dreams.

Being true to yourself is also a big part of what makeup means to her. Makeup, as well as fashion, give her the freedom to express herself, something that she does unabashedly and very successfully.

To find out more about Doe Deere and her path to Lime Crime, read Guest of a Guest’s interview here. Or follow Doe Deere on Instagram.