Kim Dao Visits Tottori

Kim Dao takes a tour of Japan’s countryside in the video “JAPAN TRAVEL VLOG: Tottori Prefecture.” It opens with Kim Dao on a flight to Tottori on a bright and sunny day. After she picks up her bags, Kim Dao takes a long drive out to the sand dunes in Tottori. It is such a spacious and glorious sight. The sky is gorgeous and blue, and the natural setting is simply awe-inspiring. Kim Dao let’s us know that Tottori has Japan’s largest sand dunes. There are people standing all around taking pictures of the stunning views. Kim Dao then shows off her lovely outfit as it flows in the wind. The floral print skirt and wide sleeves on the blouse look perfect against the backdrop of the sand dunes behind her. Kim Dao even goes for a ride on a camel before heading off to her next stop. After taking the evening to relax and unwind from such an eventful day, Kim Dao gets ready for the next day of adventure. After getting herself ready for day two of her trip, she grabs some snacks for lunch out in the countryside. Kim Dao and her friend enjoy the scenery of Daisenho Farm together.

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