Amazing Works of Adam Milstein

According to recent news on Businesswire, Adam Milstein was acknowledged as one of the Top 50 Most Influential Jews following his great contribution to his country, Israel. With support and assistance from his wife, Adam Milstein established the Adam and GilaMilstein Family Foundation in 2000, a philanthropic organization that has played an important role in reaching out to the different Jewish communities through different programs such as charity events as well as funding humanitarian groups.

Additionally, Adam Milstein established the Israeli –American council with an aim to strengthen and bridge the gap between Israel and the United States. Adam uses this council as a platform for creating and encouraging activism and the culture of giving in the society. Learn more about Adam Milsten:

His early Life and Career

According to Aish, Adam Milstein spent his early childhood life in Haifa, Israel before relocating to Mexico alongside his beloved mother upon turning the age of 18 years. While in Haifa, he worked for the Israel Defence Force at the time of the Yom Kippur War.

Once the Yom Kippur War was over, Adam Milstein enrolled for higher education and managed to graduate from Technion in 1978. Later on in 1981, he moved to settle in the United States. While in the country, Adam enrolled in Southern California University for a Master’s Degree in business administration.

He began his career working as an agent in real estate before raising the bar to one of the most prominent and respected private developers located in the United States. Currently, Milstein works at Hager Pacific Properties as the managing director. This firm is one of the successful multi-million entity companies operating as an agency in real estate.

His Immense Philanthropic Accomplishments

Adams altruistic activities are mainly based on three principles. These principles include philanthropic synergy, life path impact as well as active philanthropy. Apart from working as a managing director, Adam has diversified his portfolios in an amazing way by offering professional and quality services to numerous clients.

Furthermore he serves as an active and committed board member of various organizations such as StandWithUs, Hasbara Fellowships, Jewish Funders Network and AIPAC National Council among others.