Spling And Magnises Were Both Found By Business Prodigy Billy McFarland

Billy McFarland was born in 1991 in New York City and has managed to become a tremendous success with his efforts in business and as an entrepreneur. For Billy, this has been a long going pursuit, as he has been showing his passion for business since just 13 years old, which was when he started his first business outsourcing work for other companies. Today, Billy is the founder of both Spling and Magnises.

Billy actually went on to attend college at Bucknell University, where he was studying under his computer engineering major for a short period of time, due to him dropping out to pursue his ideas for business.

It was during this time that Billy McFarland founded the company Spling, which is an online ad business that turned out to be a big success and is still going strong today helping its clients create better websites and advertisements. The company has served thousands of clients today, including big name corporations like Universal.

Billy’s latest company, Magnises, was founded in 2013 and has since gained a huge number of members, surpassing more than 10,000. In 2014, Billy also launched the Magnises black card, which offers a range of different discounts, rewards, various perks, exclusive access to events, and more.

The black card does not work like a normal credit card, but rather lets members link their current bank accounts with the card so they can use it to gain points, similar to other companies with credit card rewards for usage. The difference with Magnises is it functions as a social club for high class millennials.

The black card does come with an impressive $250 fee annually, but this is actually a bargain considering all the rewards and exclusive access that comes along with being a member.

The current area for Magnises extends throughout Washington DC and New York City, but expansions are in the works for the future to bring this unique experience to millennials in cities all over the country, such as Boston, Chicago, and even London.