Re-Gearing For Recyling at Orange Coast College

In today’s society we have a very pressing concern with our environment and any potentially damaging things we may be doing to it. It should only stand to reason that among the forefront of the efforts to combat environmental damage is recycling. Recycling is an extremely beneficial process of turning out waste into usable products once again. Learn more:

In September of 2017 the Orange Coast College unveiled an amazing new recycling center. This facility boasts not only state of the art recycling equipment but also contains a conference room, classrooms, a first aid room, men and woman’s showers, offices and 45 parking spaces available.

Construction for this massive facility only took sixteen months in total and is set on the north edge of the Coast Mesa Campus. This recycling center is not only state of the art but also sits on nearly five acres; additionally it cost nearly $7.5 million to construct. Learn more:

The administrative facility for the recycling center boasts a mostly solar powered and eco-friendly build with solar powered light tubes inside. The Orange Coast College has had a recycling center for over 45 years and has been a focal point of recycling for the entire region.

The recycling center accepts the basic recyclables such as glass and aluminum cans, paper and plastic bottles. It does accept a few other items for recycling such as old fax machines, computer monitors, televisions, as well as household cooking oil, fluorescent light tubes and batteries. With the ability to process and recycle so many different items commonly disposed of into a dump site, it is a small wonder why the region utilizes this facility so regularly.

The Orange Coast Campus itself is a 164-acre campus that was founded in 1947. The campus offers a variety of two years associate degrees in art as well as science. Also on offer are a range of certificates of achievement and transferable classes in the lower division, able to transfer to another university.

The mission of the Orange Coast College has always been to provide affordable education in the skilled trades, licensed trades and professions in demand in the economy today. It is among the highest rated transfer schools in the state of California.