Protecting Yourself Against Doxxing

In an increasingly digital world, much of our personal information is available online. Unfortunately, this easily accessible data can be used by trolls in an attack known as doxxing whereby the victim’s personal information is posted online. This can result in anything from annoying messages to SWAT teams being dispatched. So how can one ensure their information is securely protected? Darius Fisher, president of Status Labs has some advice.

Fisher recommends not having information such as your phone number or home address easily accessible. This means having it removed from “data brokers” like Whitepages. Each site has a specific process in regards to opting out of their databases. However, their information is updated yearly so you may have to frequently deal with this.

Fisher also advises having all social media accounts private and changing passwords at least four times a year. In addition each account should have its own password that cannot be easily guessed. He suggests writing all passwords down and keeping the paper somewhere safe.

Next on should be proactive rather than just reacting. This is possible by searching your name on Google. If you don’t like the results then he advocates buying your own domain name, creating a website and linking to other pages to push them up. This is where a firm like Status Labs can help by offering professional services for search engine optimization.

Fisher likens his job to ABC’s Scandal, though without the violence. He states the most surprising thing about his job is how two sides exist to every story. Everything you read in a newspaper or blog is not the whole story. He considers it his duty to give his clients a chance to tell their side.

Darius Fisher is the president and co-founder of Status Labs, on online reputation management firm with over 1,500 clients in 35 countries. As president, he created the company’s strategic vision, built partnerships with agencies and recruited sales and account management teams. Before co-founding Status Labs he worked as a copywriter and political consultant. He graduated from Vanderbilt University with honors.

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