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The podcasting world has exploded in the last few years. You can download any type of podcast you want, anything from a serious discussion about the global economy, to parenting advice, to comedy. But now, another niche in the market is about to be covered: supernatural activity.


If you’ve ever been frightened by rustlings in the dark, met someone who swears he was abducted by aliens, or have attended a psychic session in which ghosts have been channeled, well, this latest podcast is for you.


The podcast, called, “Beyond the Darkness,” is set to debut on Monday, and it will be available for download on iTunes, Stitcher, and the PodcastOne App.


That’s right. “Beyond the Darkness,” is part of the PodcastOne Network, a well-known network in the podcasting industry. It was launched in 2012 by Norman Pattiz and his friend, Chris Jericho. It has quickly gobbled up the best podcasts around.


“Beyond the Darkness,” is bound to be a success. The podcast will feature two hosts, Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis. The pair has long histories in paranormal activities. Schrader is a prominent writer who has penned multiple tomes on the industry and has hosted radio shows. Dennis, for his part, is no lightweight. He has hosted numerous radio shows and is a paranormal expert. The two will unpack specific areas of paranormal activity and invite experts on for debates. They will also feature guests on the show who have witnessed paranormal activity such as ghosts and goblins, along with UFOs.


Jericho, one of the podcast network’s founders, is a former professional wrestler in the WWE. He has successfully transitioned to the podcast world and even hosts one of his own. Although a tough guy, Jericho said that he’s afraid that the show might make his screen crawl, and give him nightmares. Nonetheless, he’s excited to listen.


Pattiz, the founder of the network, has a long history in radio that stretches back 40 years. Today he’s the podcast network’s Executive Chairman and says that Jericho is their business’ MVP.


When he founded the network, Pattiz had a vision of turning it into a conglomerate. In the last four and a half years, he’s recruited such stars as Neil Strauss, Dr. Drew, and Jay Mohr to become part of his network. It’s become the largest and most successful advertiser-based podcast in the country.

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