Making Things Better for Whistleblowers

Since the SEC has worked to hard to become a major success and since it handles so much money at one time, it is often the victim of many different people trying to steal money. This is because of all of the money that goes in and out of it and because there is such a large amount. Even money that may seem like a lot to the average person is very trivial to the amount of money that comes from the SEC and into the SEC. Because of this, people think that they can steal and it will not make a difference.

It does make a difference though because it upsets the balance of the SEC. It is a major problem for people who are trying to do things the fair way and it causes an upset in the balance. The people who steal ought to be caught and removed from the SEC. This is hard to do though because many people don’t want to talk since they often are the beneficiaries of this extra money. This means that the people who steal the money pay off the people so that they do not tell on them for doing things that they do.

The SEC wants to put an end to this, though. They want to make sure that everyone is treated fairly and that the amount of money that goes into and out of the SEC is not disrupted. For these reasons, they have created the whistleblower program. This means that anyone can report any illegal activities that are going on. The SEC will reward them for the information and the reward will depend on what type of information they had. The outcome of the information will also determine the award that is received. Labaton Sucharow recently helped secure the second highest reward the SEC has ever given out.

The other thing that the SEC offers to people who can blow the whistle on illegal practices is the protection from retaliation. This means that people will not be subjected to getting fired or other discipline just because they report these activities to the authorities. The SEC has worked very hard and they ensure that people will be protected. It is always a good idea, though, for SEC whistleblowers to make sure that they have an attorney who is able to help them with the whistleblower case.