What business dealings does Madison Street Capital Take Part In?

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking company that has spread its influence to many countries. There are certain values that govern the bank and these are leadership, service and excellence. They avail their services both to public and privately held companies. The bank’s founders started the system out of the understanding of the intricate nature of corporate finance. The company always strives to respond with tenacity and speed to the new opportunities that the changing world of business offers. The core of their values is the strong belief that in a transaction, both the investor and the business owner needs to get something out of a business deal. This, they believe, is what makes the balance between happy clients and investors.

There are many methods that they use to meet their goals. The first is their level of experience in all matters related to corporate finance. Other activities that are part of their business include:

  • Organization of mergers and acquiring new businesses
  • Deciding on the perfect market prices for different goods.
  • Finding out the market price for different goods and services.
  • Offering different options in financing companies.
  • Looking for several exit strategies for the companies who are their clients.
  • Valuation of business profitability
  • Structuring.

This is a business that has been seen as one of the fastest in growth as a boutique investment bank. The middle class and the lower middle class are the target population of the company. The company has made quite some achievements in their efficiency and momentum of growth and as a result, they are winning quite a number of awards.

There are many industries that the bank is involved with. These include health care, pharmaceuticals, distribution and retail, manufacturing, logistics and transportation, development of real estate property, the health care industry and also financial services.

As an investor, when you visit Madison Capital, you can expect the following services:


  • They will help you raise venture capital if you are thinking about starting a new business.
  • They will offer you advise as the seller if you are thinking about making a business sale. They also offer buy side advisory.
  • They will have a look at an asset or business you are thinking about investing it, come up with an estimation of the value and help you figure out if it is worth investing in. They also offer refinancing options for struggling businesses.
  • Wealth preservation and tax planning.

The great thing about investing in a company that has Madison Street Capital reputation is that you can expect the best from them. The awards they have won include the M&A advisor awards for 3 years in a row among others. They are the best partner you can invest with.

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Madison Street Capital Is Up For Another Merger & Acquisition Award

The merger and acquisition industry has been very active in 2016. The latest M&A that has the industry buzzing is the $85 billion deal between AT&T and Time Warner. The $43 billion merger between China’s National Chemical Corporation and the Swiss company Syngenta AG is another merger that could impact the chemical industry in several ways if it gains regulatory approval. These giant mergers are just the tip of the iceberg, according to the CEO of Madison Street, Charles Botchway. Madison Street Capital, the Chicago-based merger and acquisition firm, is known as a leader in the mergers and acquisitions that fall into the $100 to $500 million category. Botchway founded Madison Street with partner Tony Marsala because the men saw an investment opportunity. That investment opportunity has grown over the years and Madison Street’s reputation for putting together companies that complement each other in several key areas has grown as well.

Madison Street’s recent nomination by the M&A Advisor as a finalist for the 15th annual M&A Advisor Awards confirms the company’s position in the industry, according to an article posted by benzinga.com. The activity in the M&A industry is unprecedented in 2016, according to some industry leaders because of the dismal corporate returns, and the need to streamline operations in several areas of the economy. The global economy is also playing a role in mergers, according to Mr. Botchway. Madison Street was nominated for the M&A Advisor Award because of the merger the company put together with Acuna and Associates S.A. and Dowco. Dowco has been a Madison Street client for several years. More and more emerging market deals are on the table in 2016 than in previous years, because more companies want an international presence especially in markets like Mexico and India.

Chief Operating Officer, Tony Marsala, has also been nominated for several awards over the last couple of years. His involvement in emerging market mergers and acquisitions, especially in the manufacturing, wholesale and retail industries has been an asset for the company. Karl D’Cunha, Madison Street’s senior managing director, has also been instrumental in putting more than 40 M&A deals together for Madison Street in 2016. That’s eight more deals than the company closed in 2015.

Winners of the 15th annual M&A Advisor Awards will be announced in New York City. Marsala and company plan to attend that event at the New York Athletic Club. The executives at Madison Street are honored by the recognition by the M&A Advisor, according to the benzina.com article. Madison Street is one of the top boutique investment firms in the industry. Madison Street is committed to offering clients their expertise in valuations, financial and advisory services and the company’s leadership in merger and acquisitions. Botchway and Marsala have built a solid investment business on the basic principles of integrity, honesty, leadership, and ethical behavior.

Even though Madison Street Capital’s reputation started in Chicago, the company has a client list that extends around the world.

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Stephen Murray, Former CEO of CCMP Capital, Passes Away

Investment pioneer on rcactrack.com Stephen Murray passed away of an undisclosed illness on March 12, 2016. At the time of his death, he was a resident of Stamford, Connecticut. Stephen was married to Tammi Murray and enjoyed being the father to four wonderful sons.

Most recently, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was the president and CEO of CCMP, a position that he took over in 2006. The graduate of Boston College and Columbia Business School will be long remembered for his impact on the industry providing the leading vision as CCMP broke away from JP Morgan Chase. He was extremely proficient at developing business deals starting out as a minority shareholder in initial transactions. These middle-market deals frustrated Henry Kravis who co-founded KKR & Co. so much that JPMorgan decided to create CCMP selling it to Stephen Murray CCMP Capital.

From that point on, Stephen went on to build the company on blogs.wsj.com that has provided $100 million to $500 million of equity per transaction in companies in North America and Europe. The company maintains offices in New York, Houston and London with an emphasis on consumer/retail, industrial, chemicals/energy and healthcare. Some companies in their active portfolio include Jetro Cash & Carry, Noble Environmental Power and Chaparral Energy. The company maintains a long list of realized portfolios including Aramark, Pinnacle Foods Group and Quiznos Sub.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital first went to work for New York-based Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company in 1984 as a credit trainee. He quickly rose through the ranks and through mergers became part of JP Morgan in 2000 becoming the head of their buyout business in 2005.

He served on the board of trustees of Boston College and as a member on the chairman’s club of the Make a Wish Foundation of Metro New York. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was also involved with helping to preserve the heritage of Stamford through the Stamford Museum and feeding the poor through the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County.