Quality services of InnovaCare Health

Patients have remained to be the top priority of the Innovacare, and it has been ranked among the leading providers of the medical care. The services that take the core center of the Innovacare is the commitment to the provision of the quality in the creation of the cost efficient devices that fits the need of healthcare technology. The primary Medicare hat the company operates is their plan is the MMM Healthcare and the PMC Medicare care choice. The membership’s base of their service is quite extensive and incorporate up to 200,000 individuals along their network run by Rick Shinto.The programs of the Innovacare work in fulfillment of the mission of rendering the services of the health care by the today’s requirements.

Penelope Kokkinides manages the Medicare plan and oversees their activities to provide the broad-benefits via a stated coordinated model. The experienced team of experts that are handling the matters of the health care services at the various sectors of the diverse changing health care settings. This has placed the company among the leading businesses in the provision of the innovative care to the patient across America.The vision of the Innovacare is to focus entirely on the patients need and to carefully monitor the challenges that are associated with the management. The healthcare and the subsidiaries that are under the InnovaCare have erected the perfect models that enable the well-coordinated service with the aim of reducing the cost of running the system in delivering the quality health services.

The priority of the InnovaCare is the patients and provision of the highly valued Medicare to them. The practices that are relinked with the innovative Medicare practices and network are put in place by the qualified physicians who handle the situation with a lot of suitability and efficiency for the benefits of the patients and the smooth running of the organization. The management works well when they are held accountable to the high level of transparency and quality control. The experienced leadership has he growth of the InnovaCare ever since its inception through the willingness of the team members to draw a clear vision and communicate effectively in solution provision whenever the situation arises.The real leadership of the Innovacare reflects the level of the quality services that are provided to the patients. This will further bring the unique background of the organization that eventually wins the trust of the clients and increases the integrity.

Health Crisis in Venezuela Urgent Needs Go Unfulfilled

People in Venezuela are poorer than ever. They face medicine and food shortages. People are waiting months for care that sometimes doesn’t come soon enough.

Under-funding and fiscal misuse has led to the system being out of money for even the bare essentials, claims Danilo Diaz Granados. Compared to surrounding countries they spend the least amount on health care. In 2012, the most recent data available, they spent 1.6% of Gross Domestic Profit.

By comparison,Diaz Granados was quoted on facebook saying that Latin American Countries spend twice to eight times more than Venezuela. Cuba, Panama and Mexico are three of those countries.

•             Cuba: 8.1%

•             Panama; 5.2%

•             Mexico: 3.2%

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Venezuela is close to declaring a national health crisis. This would allow them to request help from other countries. They would also be able to request help from the World Health Organization (WHO).

The sooner they declare this crisis the fewer people who will continue the suffer. Hundreds of people are dying, waiting for care. People are suffering because they don’t have food and maternal mortality rates are soaring. Some Venezuelans have turned to social media to help them get their medications and money for hospital care.