IAP Worldwide Helps Communities

When there is strife in the world, IAP Worldwide is there to assist the communities with what needs to be done in innovative and unique ways. Douglas Kitani is the CEO and director of the company that he leads to produce solutions to impossible situations. He handles his business with integrity and respect generating this throughout his organization. His company is comprised of over 2,000 employees that work throughout the world in various areas. They are dedicated to their work in all ways, and bring with them a variety of education and experience. When they complete tasks, they do so in extraordinary ways making them sought after by many communities throughout the globe.

Making IAP Special

The people that work at the company make it what it is. They are special people that are doing a job they believe in. Since they are adept at what they do, they have the ability to create great results when they are given a problem to solve. They bring a variety of education and experience to their positions, and they take great pride in their chosen professions. With all of their combined efforts, they create a team of hard working individuals that are respected by people all over the world.

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The Company’s Beliefs

The company holds their beliefs in high esteem. IAP Worldwide treat all individuals with respect, and produce high quality work at all levels. Since they have the abilities to do great deeds, they do so with impeccable efforts. Their leadership is unique and interesting because they are encouraging to their team of experts. Douglas Kitani is the CEO and Director of the company, and he believes in his entire company, and he shows this on a regular basis. All of the people in the company believe in what they do, and they show this in how they produce the great works that they do daily.

The future is looking fantastic for IAP Worldwide because of their unique way of dealing with problems, and their ability to create solutions to difficult events. The communities in the world look to them for their leadership and ability to get the tasks done that need to be completed. With all that in mind, the IAP company will propelled to even greater successes in the future making them a huge leader in their industry. They are always respected and looked at as a leader in the world.

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IAP Worldwide Improves Lives around the World

IAP Worldwide is a top provider of technical services, facilities management, global-scale logistics and advanced professionals. The company solves both private and public sector client’s most demanding challenges through their vast staff of 2,000 employees. IAP resolves the most challenging drawbacks using creativity, proficiency, and proven technology. The company is well equipped to provide solutions to the most unexpected natural disasters as well as overseas battlefields. IAP is experienced in planning, coordinating and conducting intricate technical and logistical challenges.

For more than 60 years, IAP has helped clients concentrate on their missions such as advancing healthcare and protecting the environment. Through science and technology, the company can respond swiftly during times of disasters to offer emergency power and vital services and supplies. The humanitarian aid projects provided by IAP improve the lives of many people across the globe. As a world-class leader in providing program management, IAP Worldwide integrates and leverages its abilities to offer secure, ground-breaking and dependable solutions to cater for clients’ different and intricate challenges.

IAP Worldwide was founded in Irmo, South Carolina as a firm that focuses on logistics and procurement. The company started by supplying generators to the United States Army located in Saudi Arabia. After providing outstanding services for some years, IAP advanced to be a chief supporter of the Nation’s Army in Operation Desert Storm. The company is currently a strong partner with the United States Military. As a market pioneer, IAP deals with government services contracts worth $370 million. It continues to provide worldwide emergency disaster relief, transportation, procurement and mobile power generation services.

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Over the years, IAP has managed to expand in size through the acquisition of several companies. Among the companies that IAP has acquired is the Tactical Communications & Network Solutions business (TCNS) situated in Aberdeen Providing Ground, MD, DRS Technologies and Aviation and Logistics business located in Oklahoma City, OK (A&L). TCNS offers information technology, engineering, and communications support solutions while A&L offers aircraft repair management, mission support services, and logistics to the U.S. Department of Defense and different agencies.

The acquisition will assimilate the exceptional abilities of the acquired companies as part of IAP’s long-term growth plan. It will also increase the capabilities that IAP delivers to clients globally and will increase the size of IAP’s market. The integration of these units from DRS is appropriate for IAP in expanding its portfolio of solutions and services to the country and worldwide government organizations and agencies.

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