Andrew Rolfe’s Efforts Help The Ubuntu Fund To Raise More Than $900,000

With the growing success of the Ubuntu Fund, the management of the same saw the need to raise more capital for purposes of meeting their increasing budget. Over the years, the Fund has gained adequate reputation for assisting the needy members of the society, especially in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. To this end, Andrew Rolfe and other leaders organized a gala dinner last May. The 300 guests were treated to world-class music and different cuisines. The management of the Fund contacted a Xhosa choir to belt various tunes to the audience.

Initially, the leaders of the Ubuntu Fund sought that the drive would manage to raise $972,960. However, after the event, which lasted the whole night, they managed to exceed their goals. The amount raised would be channeled towards benefiting the entity’s school campus, which is based in Port Elizabeth. Another portion would be used for constructing a pediatric clinic within the school. Moreover, they would open their doors to more needy students from the local area.

The Ubuntu Fund runs a noble program that seeks to take good care of the underprivileged youths from the society and support them until they start pursuing their respective careers. One of the highlights of the night was the speeches made by different people, including Jacob Lief and Sinesipho Rabidyani. Sinesipho explained how her father’s drinking habit made her dread going home after school because her father used to mistreat them. The young girl decided to study hard. In her final exam, Rabidyani scored high grades. This way, she was given a scholarship that came with mentorship and psychosocial support. Jacob Life, who is the CEO of the Ubuntu Fund, said that children need all the basic needs to be able to grow.

About Andrew Rolfe

Andrew is a graduate of the esteemed University of Oxford where he pursued his undergraduate degree in politics, philosophy and economics. The transformative leader has worked for Gap. He was responsible for enhancing operations of the company’s international division in the United Kingdom, France, Japan and Germany.

The graduate of the revered Harvard Business School has used his master’s degree in business administration to enhance the growth of the Ubuntu Fund. This way, the Fund has been able to help many disadvantaged children in the society. Andrew Rolfe is passionate about rendering his services to humanity.