Brown Agency Expands Opportunities In The Modeling Industry

People who want to be models are at a disadvantage if they don’t live in one of the areas that offer them opportunities. For one thing, if they live in an area that is not known for having fashion designers, then they may find it a little harder to break into modeling than they would if they lived in one of the more fashionable areas. Fortunately for aspiring models, Austin is one of the areas that is gaining recognition for what they can offer people. Brown Agency is capitalizing on the opportunity that is available to models and letting aspiring models know about their chance to break into the industry.

There are tons of small time fashion designers in Austin that are very eager to have models try out some of their designs. The clothing designs are amazing. They show that a lot of thought and care has been put into the items. Therefore, people who wear these items are going to experience an increase in confidence. At the same time, the products that are brought forth are going to gain a lot of recognition. Therefore, the designer will be able to make a lot of sales from the clothing.

According to Market Wired, perhaps one of the people that benefit the most from these opportunities is the aspiring models themselves. These are the people that have been told that they have the looks for the modeling jobs. However, they are not located in the areas they need to be to really make a lot of progress towards their goals as models. This is often one of the most frustrating aspects of being an aspiring model that is not within the area. Fortunately, The Brown Agency has addressed this issue and has made it so that people can find something that is close to their desires of being a model.

One good thing about The Brown Agency is that it has gotten a lot of coverage on the media. Therefore, people who have signed up for this company have also signed up for an agency that could take them very far in their careers.

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EOS Lip Balm’s developers’ candid interview

Reportedly, Fast Company did a one on one interview with the creators and founders of Evolution of Smooth, or EOS, last October. The company EOS has generated over $250 million within almost a decade. In fact it has even surpassed sales of Chapstick and Blistex, two companies which have been around for a lot longer.

In the interview, the creators reveal that the lip balm department hit a specific chord with them as a number one prime target for fast selling products on Wal-Mart and other stores. This conclusion was drawn up when they realized that most of the products on the market were not going to sell too well if they had concocted something from another category.

Evolution of Smooth currently sells well over 1 million of their products per week with a prediction of sales skyrocketing in the year 2020 with $2 billion revenue. Sanjiv Mehra, co founder and managing partner, tells Fast Company that not building a huge commotion around EOS was deliberate and a smart business strategy on their part. Mehra states that customers should take into consideration the type of foundation EOS lip balm is and what it represents.

Lip balm is generally treated as an all gender type of product, but oddly enough, the developers found that there was an overwhelming call for lip balms by women. In the studies they did, they found that women find tubes of lip balms to be too small for their handbags and they would easily lose them, or even find that the application of lip balm was unhygienic when the pots were introduced. One other thing they found in their study is that consumers do not find applying lip balm enjoyable what so ever. So in that instance, the Evolution of Smooth founders did what they could. Visit the company’s website at

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Lip Balm Options That Fit Your Mood

You’re not going to be doing the same things every day, and you’re probably not always going to be in the same place. Sure, you may work forty hours a week behind a desk, but at least three or four nights a week you’re out mingling with other folks in your social circle, and in that setting there’s a different “you” about. What lip balm you choose may have an integral part in keeping you not only physically ready for what the day has ahead, but psychologically prepped.
Subconsciously, many factors influence our decisions and personalities. If you’re having a “bad hair day”, you may not be as communicative or social as is your norm. Meanwhile, if you feel sexy the moment you roll out of bed, watch out world! For both moods, you want a lip gloss that matches. Evolution of Smoothness offers three lines in a variety of flavors designed to meet your moods wherever you are, and however you’re feeling. (After all, a flavor in the cinnamon family tells a whole different story than one in the chocolate family, or a fruit punch of the exotic variety.)

EOS lip balm three main lines come in a spherical applicator. There are multi-packs available on Walmart, and there are also stick lip balm options. The three lines are aimed at three separate primary echelons of daily life. There’s active protection for your “down” time. This is an aid to dry skin or skin exposed to harsh climates. Additionally, this is a great way to just keep your lips healthy whenever you’ve got the chance. Next there’s Visibly Soft, which keeps your lips looking extremely inviting, but professionally so; properly elucidating your delicate nature while not promising that which you don’t intend. Then there’s Shimmer Smooth, which gives your lips that sexy moistness, but that practical and smooth feel. Follow EOS on Twitter. Also check out


Bustle Writer Takes Walk on WEN Side of Luxurious Healthy Hair

When it comes to washing hair, the bigger the lather, right?

Heck no, says famous celebrity stylist Chaz Dean, noting that harsh detergents like sulfates create the lather action in shampoos, but actually dull and weaken hair strands. His unique WEN hair no-lather shampoo system uses a holistic approach, adding nothing but natural and effective botanical to cleanse, nourish and condition every type of hair out there.

Chaz Dean’s Wen Hair Cleansing Conditioners are so gentle and amazing for hair, that he has not used a lather shampoo on himself or his star clientele since 1993.

Need we say more?

Bustle writer Emily McClure was hoping that the WEN hair system [] could help her tame her frizzy, fine locks and create that full Hollywood hair, so she took a personal 7-day WEN challenge. She chose the FIG cleansing conditioner for added moisture.

Every day, Emily would keep a hair log and snap selfies to chart her progress. As she washed with WEN in the mornings, she found hair with volume and manageability as she blow-dried and styled.

As Emily’s hair got used to the daily AM wash routine, Emily got lazy and skipped a WEN daily wash. She found her hair didn’t have enough bounce to retain a style. Another time, Emily washed with WEN at night instead, and again, she claimed her hair went flat and greasy.

As long as she got back to a daily AM WEN wash followed by a blow-dry and styling step, her hair looked gorgeous.

Emily concluded that if you’re lazy about hair care like she can be, then WEN by Chaz’s hair system is perhaps not for you. Otherwise, WEN delivers strong, ultra-shiny, smooth hair when followed precisely. For more info about this product, visit

Wen by Chaz Is My Favorite Hair Products Brand

Are you dealing with thinning or unattractive hair? Looking for a proven hair products line to restore your healthy hair? Perhaps you’ve seen the facebooks ads a lot about Wen by Chaz but haven’t given it a try.

I was dealing with hair issues before I came across infomercials about WEN hair conditioners and their other products. At first, I though it was just another hair product like the ones I had tried in the past, but when I started it I was pleasantly surprised at the results.

There are several versions of Wen hair to choose from, depending on what you’re trying to accomplish. It is important to be sure you choose the right formulation for your hair texture and you will be able to achieve outstanding result.

Wen by Chaz has developed a great hair conditioning and styling treatment to meet the needs of people who are looking for effective and lasting solution for their hair problems. Being someone who likes to try various hair products, I didn’t hesitate to get Wen by Chaz’s product. Within just a few days I noticed a great improvement in the appearance of my hair.

My friends and colleagues noticed the changes and improvement as well, and they wanted to know what I was doing differently. I told them and they purchased it right away and started getting impressive results, too.

Wen by Chaz has been creating outstanding hair products for many years and is regarded by Guthy-Renker as one of the best brands in the market. The company uses only natural ingredients in all of their products and cares a lot about their customers’ satisfaction. People all over the world use their products to achieve great results, even when other products have failed them.

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