The Rising Success of Kevin Seawright, RSP Solutions

A successful businessman and entrepreneur is not born every day, it typically requires a career built on a business background. This is the case with Kevin Seawright, who co-founded RPS Solutions LLC.

Kevin Seawright developed this organization to address certain directives for homeowners and is a new perspective for Baltimore, but Kevin Seawright has built a business career to succeed.

Kevin began with his theory of helping people and wanted to do so through his business career. He attended the University of Notre Dame where he graduated with a Batchelor’s degree in Leadership. He also attended Almeda University and received his Master’s Degree in Business Administration,

In 2001, he began his career with the City of Baltimore as Managing Fiscal Officer. He would have several periods of employment with the City, which was building a solid foundation for working in the business field. He then moved to the position as Payroll Director and then Finance Director in the city government.

From 2003-2005, Kevin was Chief Financial Officer in the Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks where he handled millions of dollars for the city.

He then moved to VP/Deputy Chief Operating Officer of Baltimore City Government from 2005 to 2011. This was his last position with the Baltimore City government where he had acquired so much of his business experience.

With Kevin Seawright’s experience in the housing department in the City of Baltimore, his next position as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation was a significant promotion in the housing career.

Seawright acquired a leadership position, but the organization was located in Newark, New Jersey. He remained at NCEDC only until 2015 when he launched out and co-founded his dream business, RPS Solutions. He serves as Managing Partner/Chief Operating Officer at Real Property Solutions, in the Baltimore area, which is his hometown.

RPS Solutions is dedicated to assisting primarily first-time home buyers in the Baltimore area. Seawright sees the Baltimore environment improving with every client who acquires a home because home ownership promotes responsibility, which builds communities.

RSP renovates and constructs affordable housing in Baltimore and arranges funding and loans for financial ownership. Kevin Seawright has become a significant part of renovating Baltimore.