The Visionary That is Gregory Aziz

Gregory James Aziz is the President, Chairman, and CEO of the National Steel Car, one of the leading world’s leading railroad freight car and manufacturing and engineering companies. The company is based in Hamilton, Ontario. With over 100 years of excellence in manufacturing and commitment to quality, National Steel car has earned a reputation in North America as a leader in freight car manufacturing. Since its inception, it has exceeded in meeting the needs and standards of its railroad customers in the industry.

Gregory J Aziz was born in London, Ontario on April 30, 1949, and went to Ridley College and pursued Economics at the University of West Ontario. He later joined his family business that was involved in the food industry that later became a worldwide importer of fresh food in South America, Europe and Asia and distributions all over Canada and America.

After working on several banking opportunities in the Big Apple in the late 90’s, Greg Aziz managed to buy a steel car in 1994 with the aim of transforming this great Canadian company to be among the leaders in car and freight industry. He emphasized on National Steel Car engineering capabilities, human and capital investment and team building to expand to producing over 4,000 cars per year.

Thanks to their resilience in manufacturing and engineering, National Steel Car leads in car innovation while creating new railroads each year. The company is the only Railroad Freight Company in North America. It has received various awards and certification with various honorary awards since 1996.

The cornerstone of this company is the people. We take immense pride in the diversity, dynamics, and innovation from our highly trained staff. We are constantly evolving and constantly changing to meet our client’s needs. The company does not dwell on past achievements. Thanks to loyal customers that ensure we remain at the top.

National Steel Car is dedicated to the Hamilton community and has engaged in philanthropy of the Hamilton Opera, The Salvation Army, Theatre Aquarius and other local charities. He has created employment to thousands and gone beyond to help their children and communities at large. The National Steel Company holds Christmas parties each year and participates in major local food bank donations and conducting food drives.

Gregory James Aziz and his lovely wife are active sponsors of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair that is the country’s leading Agricultural Trade Fair.

Quality services of InnovaCare Health

Patients have remained to be the top priority of the Innovacare, and it has been ranked among the leading providers of the medical care. The services that take the core center of the Innovacare is the commitment to the provision of the quality in the creation of the cost efficient devices that fits the need of healthcare technology. The primary Medicare hat the company operates is their plan is the MMM Healthcare and the PMC Medicare care choice. The membership’s base of their service is quite extensive and incorporate up to 200,000 individuals along their network run by Rick Shinto.The programs of the Innovacare work in fulfillment of the mission of rendering the services of the health care by the today’s requirements.

Penelope Kokkinides manages the Medicare plan and oversees their activities to provide the broad-benefits via a stated coordinated model. The experienced team of experts that are handling the matters of the health care services at the various sectors of the diverse changing health care settings. This has placed the company among the leading businesses in the provision of the innovative care to the patient across America.The vision of the Innovacare is to focus entirely on the patients need and to carefully monitor the challenges that are associated with the management. The healthcare and the subsidiaries that are under the InnovaCare have erected the perfect models that enable the well-coordinated service with the aim of reducing the cost of running the system in delivering the quality health services.

The priority of the InnovaCare is the patients and provision of the highly valued Medicare to them. The practices that are relinked with the innovative Medicare practices and network are put in place by the qualified physicians who handle the situation with a lot of suitability and efficiency for the benefits of the patients and the smooth running of the organization. The management works well when they are held accountable to the high level of transparency and quality control. The experienced leadership has he growth of the InnovaCare ever since its inception through the willingness of the team members to draw a clear vision and communicate effectively in solution provision whenever the situation arises.The real leadership of the Innovacare reflects the level of the quality services that are provided to the patients. This will further bring the unique background of the organization that eventually wins the trust of the clients and increases the integrity.

Desiree Perez and her Ambitious Entertainment Career

Desiree Pere is probably one of the biggest music industry titans that nobody is really talking about — at least not yet. Perez works hand in hand with Shawn Carter, known as Jay Z, and the team at Roc Nation. Desiree Perez has been showing herself to be worthy of a leadership position within the music and entertainment industry for years and we’ve been excited to watch her work grow from the outside. Perez has worked closely with Jay Z and the Roc Nation team for nearly 22 years now, helping to push them and expand their scope into a true and sprawling musical empire.  Related article to read on

When not working directly with Jay Z, Des Perez is working to expand his empire even more. We can look at a slew of different business decisions in order to see how she has helped Jay Z really take the next level. Perez was cited as the primary driving force behind Rihanna’s elaborate $25 million deal with Samsung in order to promote her new Anti Tour.  Check  Rihanna’s A-List status and Perez’s unique ability to cash in on it has made for a powerful duo. Perez looks to be Rihanna’s new right hand advocate and we can already tell this is going to be a mutually beneficial career move.

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Jay Z and Live Nation signed a 10 year contract worth nearly $150 million back in 2008. Perez, of course, was right by his side in order to sign that huge deal. Now, nearly a decade later, Perez and Roc Nation are on the move looking for a new contract. Click on for related article.  Perez and Jay Z have already sat down with Sir Lucian Grainge of Universal Music Group and we feel like this is just the beginning. If Roc Nation signs another epic deal you can be sure that Perez will be there at the table.  Visit Dez on her social media page on twitter@desireeperez01.

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Desiree Perez & Roc Nation

 Close to a decade after he signed a $150 million deal with Live Nation, Jay Z’s Roc Nation is set to become a grab it all public asset in 2018 when the 10-year deal comes to a close.

According to unconfirmed reports, Live Nation is said to be willing to sign another deal with Jay Z’s Roc Nation. However, Live Nation is said to be hesitant when it comes to continuing the recording deal with Jay Z. With such a conflict of interest existing between the two sides, signs are pointing out to an end of the deal. However, according to other sources, Live Nation is said to have a comfortable working relationship with Jay Z when it comes to selling music rights and touring hence making it a reality that a deal may be imminent. Take a peek at for a related reading.

On the contrary, speculations have been rife for the past few months after Jay Z, and Roc Nation executive Desiree Perez were spotted exiting the office of Universal Music Group CEO Sir Lucian Grainge. Rumors started swirling that Jay Z may be considering to sign a partnership deal with Universal Music Group. If this can turn out to be true, then it would give Jay Z more power to sign more artists and increase the streaming capability of Tidal. Though no official word has come out from Live Nation and UMG, a partnership with either company would see Jay Z grow his business empire. Related article to read on

Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez is the current Chief Operating Officer of Roc Nation. Though she has been working for Roc Nation for close to eight years now, she has had a close relationship with Jay Z which dates to over two decades.

Desiree is known for her fierce and incredible wits when it comes to crunching numbers and negotiating deals. For the eight years that she has been at Roc Nation, she has been an integral pillar for the company.  For additional news, click this useful link.

Apart from working for Roc Nation, Desiree also played a role in deciding Beyoncé’s formation stadium as well as making the deal between Rihanna and Samsung a reality.  For an update on Desiree’s recent timeline activities, hop over to

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