Kevin Seawright: The Financial Tycoon

Kevin Seawright is currently employed as Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President of a company called Newark Economic Development Corporation. Kevin Seawright is a well-rounded executive who takes care of his companies, and helps increase their revenue.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright was even selected to receive the Bridges to the Future award from MetLife in 2010 in recognition for his work. He is also not a stranger to giving back to the community, as he coaches youth sports teams and was also an acting advisory board member for the Babe Ruth museum.

Seawright’s business model is very efficient and attainable, and shows how he was able to make such large differences in his endeavors. He follows a few simple guidelines when conducting business, such as: Leading and developing aggressive teams, forming bonds and relationships with the city and his community, approaching each issue with a mature and honest standpoint, understanding the strategies of the team and their goals, being a team player, and many more. Read more: Kevin Seawright Joins Newark Community Economic Development Corporation

PR Newswire revealed that Kevin Seawright is known for his outstanding professionalism and thinking outside of the box, and has won many awards because of this. He is also a known member of many associations, such as the National Forum for Black Public Administrators, the National Association of Black Accountants, and others.

The advantages of utilizing Kevin Seawright’s are very great. He is an expert in his field, and really knows how to manage the financial side of business. Utilizing his services would prove to be greatly successful, based on Seawright’s track record alone.

Desiree Perez & Roc Nation

Desiree Perez has been with Jay Z for almost twenty years and has ran SC Enterprises for many years. She is good at crunching numbers and is also a great negotiator for Roc Nation. She helped Jay Z to move from rap to streaming music. Perez, along with a group of others runs the whole operation of Roc Nation. This group is called Hova Circle of Influence, which includes TyTy Smith, Jay Brown, Jana Fleischman, Chaka Pilgrim, and her husband Juan Perez.

Jay Z’s contract with Live Nation is almost finished, and he is considering taking a stake in Roc Nation. The end of his deal could cause him to sell his part of Roc Nation or take full control of the company. Related article on   Jay and Mrs. Perez attended a meeting with the CEO of Universal Music Group(UMG) causing many to think that UMG might be preparing to buy into Roc Nation. Although they already are involved in business with Jay Z, a source from UMG said that nothing is in the works to increase their involvement at this time.  Click on for additional article.

To keep updated with her activities, visit her on her page.

Roc Nation has several big-name performers such as: Jay, Meek Mill, Rihanna, Shakira, and Fat Joe. An example of Desiree Perez negotiating skills were shown in the completion of the deal with Samsung for Rihanna. Check Samsung signed a 25-million-dollar contract with Rihanna, to buy 1 million copies of her new album Anti and gave away free access to their subscribers. This deal pushed her album to platinum within 2 days of release. She has also produced the tv movie with HBO called On the Run Tour: Beyoncé and Jay Z . She was nominated for an Emmy award in 2015, in the Outstanding Special Class Program category.  For blogs and updates, visit her here.

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Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero – Honesty

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero – The Power of Influence and of Sticking with the Facts, Even When They Might Make You the Least Popular Person in the Room – Fight for What’s Right and Fair

Learn the power of spreading the word, and learn to fight for your rights. In turn, train others and let them do the same. One person alone can make a huge difference. Many can change a nation or even the world. It’s not too late to begin: Mexico’s media corruption issues have been going on for decades, though they may end in less than a decade, if properly acted upon.

With more technological advancements at our fingertips than we have ever imagined possible, now is the time for action, and now offers the best possibility for making such a rapid change happen. Turnover possibilities have never been looked so good. So what are you waiting for? Get started today by simply reading the news and spreading it in your local community.


Who knows how far the seed will grow? Continue to follow some Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero’s profile and Grupo Televisa online, on radio, in the papers and on TV – whether you live in Mexico or even outside of it. Spread the change. They say the best weapons for making any lasting impact on any society or prayer and word-of-mouth. Advertising opportunities have never been greater; neither has the widespread information made available to us, so there are no more excuses.

If you care about Mexico, or your current country – whatever it may be – then make a difference by staying informed. More importantly, use that information for good. According to stick with the facts and the facts alone. Do not believe everything that media companies tell you, but test each one in turn.

Trust Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero and others like him to lead you to the hard-core facts and to show you what you can do to make a difference. Knowledge is power as they say, and increased knowledge only leads to greater power. It all begins with what you know.

Learn more about Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero:​r

Fighting Equalities for All with Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund

Today, many migrant and refugee communities in the United States are living in fear since Donald Trump became the President. During his campaign pledges last year, he stated clearly that all illegal migrants would be deported back to their Native countries once he is elected. President Trump cited security along the border areas as his main concern of trying to keep these communities from the United States.

However, groups advocating for the rights of these groups consider the President’s move as inhumane, and are fighting tirelessly to ensure it is not implemented. These groups believe the rights of individuals and freedom of movement would be disregarded if the President’s move is implemented.

Migrant Rights International

MRI was established to advocate for human rights among the migrant communities in different parts of the world. Migrant Rights International also ensures there is peace and unity among the migrant communities as well as inclusivity in policy making and implementation processes. The organization fights for the rights of these groups to be respected by authorities and communities where they live.

Migrant Rights International collaborates with non-governmental organizations supporting migrant’s rights all over the world. MRI has acted as a link between other rights groups operating locally, nationally and globally in different continents including Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Civic Assistance Committee

Civic Assistance Committee was formed in 1990 to help migrant and refugee communities. It is a non-profit organization with the objective helping migrant’s group seek justices from various levels of authorities such as police, courts and attorneys. Besides defending migrant’s rights, the organization also provides humanitarian assistance to these groups, especially those unable to get basic needs.

Due to its role as a mediator, Civic Assistance Committee has created better relationship with several parties involved in addressing various problems encountered by migrants and refugees. The Committee support vulnerable communities in a wide range of areas like health, education, migration and others.

About Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

Michael and Jim are the executives of Village Voice Media who were forcibly arrested by the then feared “Selective Enforcement Unit” from Maricopa County. They were immediately booked in different jails under the control of Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio.

The Phoenix New Times which is owned by Michael and Jim had exposed the misdeed of the county sheriff, which led to their arrest. The Phoenix New Times had reported gross mismanagement of the sheriff’s office under the leadership of Arpaio. The two journalists were later set free under 24 hours after their arrest following the demand of activists and other rights groups. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund

The illegal detention of the two journalists kicked-off a prolonged lawsuit that was concluded in 2013. The appellate court awarded Lacey and Larkin $3.7 million as settlement that was paid by Maricopa County.

The two co-founded Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund, a unique platform that targets Hispanic community in Arizona that has been a victim of civil rights abuses in the area. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey fund non-profit organizations advocating for civil rights individuals in Arizona.

Nathaniel Drew Brings Innovation to Healthy Food Establishment

Nathaniel Ru is helping people see that there is an alternative to the fast food that they have been accustomed to. He is totally changing the way that people look at healthy eating, and he has a lot of interest in what he is doing. With Sweetgreen he has shown many people that the restaurant industry has a need for something new. He has created a menu with warm bowls and salads that have been praised through social media and by many people that have given testimonials through their act of patronizing this franchise. The lines can be long at times, but that is clearly a sign of just how great the food is. Learn more:


Nathaniel Ru has definitely been able to build a much better platform for healthy eating because he has incorporated so many things that have made it easier to count calories. There are many items that are listed on the website, and the calorie count for these items is clearly shown. Learn more:


People do not have to guess about how many calories they are consuming. When they have access to a restaurant like Sweetgreen they have a better idea of what they are actually putting into their bodies as far as calorie counts go. This is going to be very helpful for anyone that may have been struggling with the concept of keeping up with the number of calories that they are consuming. Nathaniel Ru has proven that he knows just what it takes for people to build a better diet, and he has done his very best to build up a unique customer base where people can acquire whatever types of salads and fruits they desire. So many people will be elated to see just how Sweetgreen and make a difference in their diet. This is the kind of company that changes everything that people may see when they are looking for a better way to handle their diets. Sweetgreen is a restaurant that is on the innovative edge. Nathaniel is bringing for some cashless restaurant models where customers will not be able to pay with any physical money. This is a safety measure that is being implemented, and it shows that Nathaniel Ru is forward-thinking. Learn more:


The people that are watching Sseetgreen grow are the ones that are going to be able to see the potential that he has when it comes to changing health food menus.