Cotemar Mexico Helping The Oil Industry Succeed

One of the challenges when you live on an oil derrick is getting food and construction supplies in time. That is where infrastructure and shipping companies like Cotemar Mexico come in. Cotemar Mexico specializes in making sure that workers on Mexico’s oil derricks have the supplies they need. If there is a hurricane, Cotemar Mexico makes sure that the repair equipment gets to the derricks on time.

One of Cotemar Mexico’s great features is Mexican cuisine on board vessels. Staff can enjoy quality Mexican food as they do their job. Mexico’s leading oil provider trusts Cotemar Mexico because they do a good job in a small amount of time.

Cotemar Mexico can help you and your organization. Because the staff are operating from a country with a low cost of living, Cotemar Mexico can offer competitive rates as compared to domestic competitors. If your oil company or oil extraction firm needs sea service, Cotemar Mexico can do the job far cheaper than what you have been used to.

Cotemar’s staff are professionals who are highly experienced in their field. They understand the challenges with running a large business. They can contract for you and make life a whole lot easier. Cotemar Mexico looks forward to hearing from you and your organization soon. We know that Mexico may carry a negative connotation, but recall the low price levels. Time is money, and the more money you save, the more time you have.

The quality of service and the long record of work experience with Mexico’s petroleum company should reassure inquiries about reputation. You can trust Cotemar Mexico to accomplish what they plan to do. They have been doing it for a long time.

The food services department of Cotemar Mexico is great. You no longer have to worry about having good food. The highly trained staff of Cotemar Mexico handles it all. No weird contracts with nonexistent caterers. Cotemar Mexico believes in doing their own food services work. It saves time and money, making sure that the people we care about get what they need.

Cotemar Mexico wants to see more companies using their services. They look forward to hearing from people who are in need of inexpensive oil supply services. If you are one of those individuals, do not hesitate to contact us at 52 938 381 1400. Our staff can answer questions that you might have in Spanish. If you want to just peruse our website to learn more, there is information available here.


Ignition Financial And Their Automobile Financing Bonanza

Many people have purchased a car, and then financed the price of the car through the dealer or a used car company. The terms of such an arrangement can cover the gamut of various plans and terms, but it is likely if the agreement was through a dealer or used car lot, there is room for improvement.


The interest rates may have been higher when the deal was originally done. The terms of the financing contract may have been unsuitable for the buyer. Just financing through a dealer will usually mean that the payments would be higher than if they had gone through a bank or credit union.


Now, Ignition Financial in Austin, Texas offers an automobile refinancing plan where customers can usually get better rates, and thus save money. Depending on one’s credit and financial situation, is is possible. It doesn’t hurt to find out, as Ignition Financial offers a free look to determine whether or not a person could save money with the process. If a consumer can refinance and save money, they can say with confidence, “Slash my payments right now!


The money that is available for automobile financing is provided by large lenders and banking institutions. These entities are in fierce competition with each other as the vie for the business of automotive dealers and used car companies. To get the business of the dealers, they constantly have to offer incentives.


The lender will set a base rate of interest initially, called the “floor rate.” Then the dealer or used car company is offered an incentive rate on top of the floor rate. This is usually in the range of an additional 2% to 4%, which is then paid to the dealer at closing.


The result is that the consumer pays a higher interest rate, and he or she is not always aware of it. Many people will finance through a dealer because they don’t know any better. They could probably do better if they go through their bank or credit union.


By using Ignition Financial to refinance their current car loan, people can save considerable money which can then be put to better use in other areas of a family’s budget.


Having extra funds for savings, college education, new appliances, car repair, medical bills, home improvement, retirement, new furniture, and even another vehicle are all valid reasons for diverting car payments to other needs. Call Ignition Financial today and find out how refinancing your auto loan can help you!

The Rising Success of Kevin Seawright, RSP Solutions

A successful businessman and entrepreneur is not born every day, it typically requires a career built on a business background. This is the case with Kevin Seawright, who co-founded RPS Solutions LLC.

Kevin Seawright developed this organization to address certain directives for homeowners and is a new perspective for Baltimore, but Kevin Seawright has built a business career to succeed.

Kevin began with his theory of helping people and wanted to do so through his business career. He attended the University of Notre Dame where he graduated with a Batchelor’s degree in Leadership. He also attended Almeda University and received his Master’s Degree in Business Administration,

In 2001, he began his career with the City of Baltimore as Managing Fiscal Officer. He would have several periods of employment with the City, which was building a solid foundation for working in the business field. He then moved to the position as Payroll Director and then Finance Director in the city government.

From 2003-2005, Kevin was Chief Financial Officer in the Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks where he handled millions of dollars for the city.

He then moved to VP/Deputy Chief Operating Officer of Baltimore City Government from 2005 to 2011. This was his last position with the Baltimore City government where he had acquired so much of his business experience.

With Kevin Seawright’s experience in the housing department in the City of Baltimore, his next position as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation was a significant promotion in the housing career.

Seawright acquired a leadership position, but the organization was located in Newark, New Jersey. He remained at NCEDC only until 2015 when he launched out and co-founded his dream business, RPS Solutions. He serves as Managing Partner/Chief Operating Officer at Real Property Solutions, in the Baltimore area, which is his hometown.

RPS Solutions is dedicated to assisting primarily first-time home buyers in the Baltimore area. Seawright sees the Baltimore environment improving with every client who acquires a home because home ownership promotes responsibility, which builds communities.

RSP renovates and constructs affordable housing in Baltimore and arranges funding and loans for financial ownership. Kevin Seawright has become a significant part of renovating Baltimore.

Growth Versus Profits in the Small Business World

The daunting task in 2016 for owners of Handy, a house-cleaning startup with headquarters in New York City, was to rethink how they were to remain profitable in a changing small business world. CEO Oisin Hanrahan, and his co-founder, Umang Dua, decided to try an online application for finding home cleaners in their 28 of their markets. As this plan dwindled and profits fell, they had to reconsider how much they focused on their growth and more on how to keep future funding. They initially thought that implementing the online onboarding strategy for new cleaners in all of the company would save them millions in the long run. However, less cleaners were coming on board with the team and there was still high demand for the service. After cutting their spending habits, laying off workers, and weighing the pros and cons of using automated machines versus humans, the company finally started to see some progress. They had to pull back from expanding to more markets, and focus instead on strengthening the assets they already had. To their advantage, one of their competitors went out of business, removing the competition as they maneuvered through their transition. With the removal of a competitor Handy did not have to focus on expanding their service across more markets and this helped them to focus more internally. As a result, they improved their product to retain more customers. This helped them to get more inside referrals which coincided with lowering advertising costs. In the end, was able to find the cleaners more jobs, the customers had less complaints, and there was less need for recruiting more cleaners. It may have been a difficult way to switch from growth to profitability, but Handy came out on top, and perhaps learned a valuable lesson.



What business dealings does Madison Street Capital Take Part In?

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking company that has spread its influence to many countries. There are certain values that govern the bank and these are leadership, service and excellence. They avail their services both to public and privately held companies. The bank’s founders started the system out of the understanding of the intricate nature of corporate finance. The company always strives to respond with tenacity and speed to the new opportunities that the changing world of business offers. The core of their values is the strong belief that in a transaction, both the investor and the business owner needs to get something out of a business deal. This, they believe, is what makes the balance between happy clients and investors.

There are many methods that they use to meet their goals. The first is their level of experience in all matters related to corporate finance. Other activities that are part of their business include:

  • Organization of mergers and acquiring new businesses
  • Deciding on the perfect market prices for different goods.
  • Finding out the market price for different goods and services.
  • Offering different options in financing companies.
  • Looking for several exit strategies for the companies who are their clients.
  • Valuation of business profitability
  • Structuring.

This is a business that has been seen as one of the fastest in growth as a boutique investment bank. The middle class and the lower middle class are the target population of the company. The company has made quite some achievements in their efficiency and momentum of growth and as a result, they are winning quite a number of awards.

There are many industries that the bank is involved with. These include health care, pharmaceuticals, distribution and retail, manufacturing, logistics and transportation, development of real estate property, the health care industry and also financial services.

As an investor, when you visit Madison Capital, you can expect the following services:


  • They will help you raise venture capital if you are thinking about starting a new business.
  • They will offer you advise as the seller if you are thinking about making a business sale. They also offer buy side advisory.
  • They will have a look at an asset or business you are thinking about investing it, come up with an estimation of the value and help you figure out if it is worth investing in. They also offer refinancing options for struggling businesses.
  • Wealth preservation and tax planning.

The great thing about investing in a company that has Madison Street Capital reputation is that you can expect the best from them. The awards they have won include the M&A advisor awards for 3 years in a row among others. They are the best partner you can invest with.

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Former Atlanta Hawks Owner Goes to Court Over Ferry Deal

Recently, the Atlanta Journal and Constitution reported that the the former ownership grouprs of the National Basketball Association Atlanta Hawks headed by Bruce Levenson has filed a lawsuit against the New Hampshire Insurance Corporation, also Known As AIG. Levenson and Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC ended the employment of general manager Danny Ferry in April, 2015. Ferry was midway through a six-year contract. FHe and AHBE settled the contract for an undisclosed amount. Shortly afterward, Leven sold the Hawks franchise. He and AHBE had purchased insurance covering losses due to certain decisions affecting employees.

According to the lawsuit, AIG refused to acknowledge or pay the claim for the Ferry settlement. Levenson maintains that AHBE is covered and that the coverage. The lawsuit is for breach of contract and insurance bad faith. The new owners of the Hawks, a group headed by Tony Ressler, is not party to the lawsuit.

Bruce Levenson started his career by publishing “Oil Express,” which was an information newsletter about the oil sector. Initially, Levvenson worked out of his apartment in 1977. He and his partner, Ed Peskowitz, built their business into United Communications Group. It is now one of the largest privately held business-oriented data information and analysis firms in the world. UCG furnishes information about a number of industries. These include healthcare, energy and banking.

Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson formed AHBE to buy the Atlanta Hawks in 2004 from the Turner Broadcasting Company. From 2004 until 2015 he served on the NBA Board of Governors. Levenson is also known as a philanthropist. He supports a number of charitable and nonprofit organizations, including the I Have a Dream Foundation and the United States Holocaust Museum. Levenson and his family split their time between homes located in Atlanta and Maryland.