Doe Deere: Lime Crime Cosmetics Founder And An Inspiration To Women

Doe Deere, the founder of Lime Crime cosmetics, was recently named one of Self Made magazine’s Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs. Soon afterwards she sat down with Galore magazine to discuss the building of her company, her love for her fans and unicorns and what it means to her to be thought of as an inspiration to female entrepreneurs. The always effervescent Deere explained that the keys to success for women is not being afraid to take the chance to start their own business and not being afraid to color outside the lines. Deere’s career certainly exemplifies those keys. When she started Lime Crime cosmetics she knew nothing about creating make-up or running a cosmetics company.

What helped Deere to do well was the love for color and make-up that she had since she was a pre-teen. She talked about how all the fun she had playing with make-up with her friends helped to pique her interest in cosmetics and explained that she always wanted to be an independent businesswoman. Her ability to identify her strengths and her willingness to put in the work to gain the necessary skills also set her apart. But the opportunity to work to make her dream a reality is available to women and girls all over the world. And now she has given them another role model.

The internet has now made it possible for many more women to pursue their dream of business ownership. Doe Deere is the perfect example of that. She did not let the fact she couldn’t afford to open a shop to sell her cosmetics stand in her way. Instead she drew on her understanding of internet marketing and used it to reach out to people in the far flung corners of the world. And even when internet trolls tried to rain on her parade Deere has persevered and continued to provide her growing customer base with some of the most brilliantly colored, innovative products on the market.

Doe Deere wasn’t born with a gold spoon in her mouth. The Russian immigrant and her family even lived in a homeless shelter in New York when she was a child. But that didn’t stop her from dreaming big. She saw herself being successful and was willing to do whatever it took to make it a reality. She studied at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology to try to become a model and fashion designer. She learned how to play music and performed anywhere she could when she dreamed of a career in entertainment. But it was her willingness to share her make-up ideas with acquaintances that led to her success.

While trying to find make-up to draw attention to herself on stage, Doe Deere learned to produce her own make-up. When visitors to her online make-up tutorial liked her make-up and asked her to share it with them, she created Lime Crime cosmetics and has gone on the beautify the faces and build the confidence of untold numbers of women worldwide.

Online Marketers Should Be Good At Online Reputation Management

If there is one thing to say about the internet world, it is that online marketers have skills that are similar to online reputation managers. For one thing, successful internet marketers know how to put search engine optimization into good use. This is in fact what a large chunk of online reputation management is based on. Often times, a negative result will show up on the front page of the search results. People that search for information about a business, person, or other entity and they will see that bad news. And according to OnlineReputationReviews website as a result, they will shy away from the company. Also, some of the loyal customers will read the bad news about the company and then take their business elsewhere. It is a bad situation.
Fortunately, people that are skilled at online marketing will be able to provide certain services for their own business. For one thing, they will be able to provide optimized content for search engines. If an online business is successful, it is more likely than not because of the SEO that the person has provided for the business. Therefore, he will be able to provide enough SEO to get rid of any bad news.

The most important thing when it comes to online reputation management is to practice it. One of the ways for the business owner to practice is by continuing to update information with optimized content. That way, this will start something like a revolving door that will prepare the business owner for a bad review. He will have enough momentum going in order to push the bad search result off of the front page and beyond. People will be more forgiving of someone who is proactive towards his own reputation. Also, it would cost less money to take a proactive approach to online reputation management.


IAP Worldwide Improves Lives around the World

IAP Worldwide is a top provider of technical services, facilities management, global-scale logistics and advanced professionals. The company solves both private and public sector client’s most demanding challenges through their vast staff of 2,000 employees. IAP resolves the most challenging drawbacks using creativity, proficiency, and proven technology. The company is well equipped to provide solutions to the most unexpected natural disasters as well as overseas battlefields. IAP is experienced in planning, coordinating and conducting intricate technical and logistical challenges.

For more than 60 years, IAP has helped clients concentrate on their missions such as advancing healthcare and protecting the environment. Through science and technology, the company can respond swiftly during times of disasters to offer emergency power and vital services and supplies. The humanitarian aid projects provided by IAP improve the lives of many people across the globe. As a world-class leader in providing program management, IAP Worldwide integrates and leverages its abilities to offer secure, ground-breaking and dependable solutions to cater for clients’ different and intricate challenges.

IAP Worldwide was founded in Irmo, South Carolina as a firm that focuses on logistics and procurement. The company started by supplying generators to the United States Army located in Saudi Arabia. After providing outstanding services for some years, IAP advanced to be a chief supporter of the Nation’s Army in Operation Desert Storm. The company is currently a strong partner with the United States Military. As a market pioneer, IAP deals with government services contracts worth $370 million. It continues to provide worldwide emergency disaster relief, transportation, procurement and mobile power generation services.

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Over the years, IAP has managed to expand in size through the acquisition of several companies. Among the companies that IAP has acquired is the Tactical Communications & Network Solutions business (TCNS) situated in Aberdeen Providing Ground, MD, DRS Technologies and Aviation and Logistics business located in Oklahoma City, OK (A&L). TCNS offers information technology, engineering, and communications support solutions while A&L offers aircraft repair management, mission support services, and logistics to the U.S. Department of Defense and different agencies.

The acquisition will assimilate the exceptional abilities of the acquired companies as part of IAP’s long-term growth plan. It will also increase the capabilities that IAP delivers to clients globally and will increase the size of IAP’s market. The integration of these units from DRS is appropriate for IAP in expanding its portfolio of solutions and services to the country and worldwide government organizations and agencies.

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