Whitney Wolfe Herd Ensuring Dating Is Now More Safe and Seamless For Women

Dating these days is not as difficult as it used to. Gone are the days when you had to spend hours in clubs or in pubs to socialize and find a romantic partner for yourself. These days, there are dating applications out there that would make meeting new people much more comfortable. For people who are single and want to mingle, things were never more exciting than it is today. Thanks to the advent of the internet and the progress that the world of technology has made, numerous dating apps and sites help people match with the strangers, which depending on the users can convert into a date or maybe even more.

One of the dating apps that has been spreading across the globe like wildfire is Bumble, which allows the women to make the first contact. It is this feature of Bumble, which has made it highly popular among the women, who were otherwise bored and even irritated with the men sending unsolicited messages and even vulgar images. With the dating app that allows women to make the first contact, it becomes easier for women to manage their time with the app. Women don’t have to check their phone every few minutes to check it is nothing but yet another unsolicited message from another man.

Bumble is co-founded and owned by Whitney Wolfe Herd, who has conceptualized the idea of this women-centric app. Whitney Wolfe Herd has extensive experience in the dating app development and is also the co-founder of another popular dating app with over 50 million users named Tinder. Currently, Bumble has a member base of nearly 12 million, but that figure is expected to grow exponentially in the days to come. In the last year, Bumble achieved the turnover of $100 million, which the company expects to double in 2018.

Whitney Wolfe Herd has intimately experienced what women go through on most of these dating apps and sites and has always wondered about the changes that can be made to make dating app experience clean and constructive for women. Bumble has been getting popular among the target audience since its launch, and Whitney Wolfe Herd continues to implement new and upgraded features into the app to make the user experience more fun, seamless, and efficient. Whitney Wolfe Herd has featured on some of the magazines as a successful entrepreneur, including Fast Company, Forbes, Elle’s, and the Wired UK.

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How Fabletics Goes Digital-First to Delight Members

Fabletics has become the one to watch in the world of fashionable athletic wear. The company was founded just a few short years ago by Kate Hudson and TechStyle Group and has become the unicorn darling of “athleisure” wear. At the time it was founded, Fabletics was competing with high-end brands like Lululemon that were incredibly expensive and offered little variation. Fabletics wanted to offer women that same quality at a fraction of the cost. Today, Fabletics has seen one of the largest growth spurts in the history of fashion startups. The company has generated $250 in revenue and also has over 1.4 million dedicated members that receive outfits on a monthly basis.


So, how did they do it? Fabletics CEO says that the success of the company is due to the initial goal to start off as a company that utilizes the reverse showroom technique. This means that instead of going out and building a bunch of physical locations – costing massive overhead – Fabletics would go digital first, offering the entire experience of the brand online. While marketing experts and sales analysts can’t collect data on which in-store items a specific consumer looked at or tried on (at least, let’s hope they can’t!), any interaction with the brand can be collected online. This gives Fabletics the power to build a unique reverse showroom for every member. This means that members see more of what they like, and less of what they don’t. Fabletics even custom-curates its content marketing and social media marketing to show outfits that are tailored to individual taste preferences.



Kate Hudson is not only the spokesperson for Fabletics, she is a true part of its leadership team. She directs social media strategy, advertising strategy and is highly involved in daily operations. She also monitors sales data very closely. She keeps a keen eye on how every piece is performing so Fabletics can easily adjust its items to ensure members are delighted with each outfit. She has said that she would never work with a brand or product unless she really believed in it. Fabletics is like her baby and she’s constantly working to ensure its success.


To learn more about Fabletics and to find your unique athletic wear style, visit the company’s website and take the LifeStyle Quiz. The quiz is just a few short questions. Once you answer, you’ll unlock access to the Fabletics outfits that you would likely like best.

Getting to Benefit from Rocketship Education

In order for you to get your child the education that they deserve, you need to send them to a better quality school. A lot of public school systems simply do not have what your children need when it comes to getting them the type of education that they require right now. Public school systems are often crowded to the point where the student-to-teacher ratio is incredibly unbalanced. This is why it is so important for you to consider a charter school as a viable option for your child’s education. There are so many different people who are sending their children to a charter school known as Rocketship Education, and this is a choice that you might want to consider for yourself.

Being able to make use of Rocketship Education is one of the best things that you could possibly do for your children’s education. The reason for this is because when your child goes to a good school, they are going to be set for the rest of their life. This allows them to get into a good quality college that is going to prepare them for a career that is going to increase the amount that they are able to make for their entire business life. Before you spend the money to send your child to a private school, you might want to consider a charter school like Rocketship Education.

There are a lot of people who are currently making use of Rocketship Education with great success, so it is something that you will notice to be advantageous in a large number of different ways. You can also visit their website to learn more about the different programs that they have made available to the general public. The fact that you are able to choose a charter school that is right for you is why so many people have made this a decision for themselves and their children. This is a great school for you to choose when you would like to send your children to something that is going to benefit them for the rest of their lives.

How David McDonald Found Success Working For OSI Group

David McDonald grew up in Iowa on a farm. He is now the number two executive of OSI Group, LLC. He is both the president, chief operating officer, and a board member of this privately held food manufacturer. His deep experience in this industry and leadership skills were recognized by the North American Meat Institute when they made him their chairman of the board. Additionally, he serves Marfrig Global Foods S.A. as an independent director. This organization provides processed foods in Europe and in Brazil.

After graduating from Iowa State University David McDonald began his career at OSI Group. He had graduated with an undergraduate degree in animal science which he put to work as OSI Group handles a lot of protein such as chickens, beef, turkey, pork, and seafood. He began his career at OSI Group in 1987 and had worked his way up the ladder in order to attain his current position. The owner and chief executive officer of the company, Sheldon Lavin, created a family-like at atmosphere at this company which encourages people to stay with the company throughout their career. There are also plenty of chances to advance your career which David McDonald took full advantage of by working hard and helping the company to succeed.

When David McDonald attended Iowa State he was a member of the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity. A number of years ago he began to support his fraternity by giving to its scholarship funding efforts. He also was one of the first to begin financially supporting his fraternity when they needed to build a new house at this university. It was also partially due to his efforts that his fraternity’s arena was named the Jeff and Deb Hansen Agricultural Student Learning Center.

At OSI Group, David McDonald oversees this company’s international operations. His company has facilities in both North and South America, Asia, Europe, the United Kingdom, and South Africa. He was responsible for his company’s efforts during the 2008 Beijing Olympics where they supplied more than 100 tons of food. Everyone loved the food and this event helped advance career.

In his private life, David is married to Malinda and they live together in Warrenville, Illinois. Together they have six children. Two of the children went on to attend Iowa State University and it’s likely the other four will do so as well once they graduate from high school.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Places Her Patients at Ease While Improving Their Sense of Self-Esteem

Dr. Jennifer Walden has been the subject of several magazine articles that highlight some of today’s more prominent surgeons. As a female plastic surgeon specializing in the field of cosmetic surgery, Dr. Walden is considered to be one of the more empathetic doctors in her field. Her patients often describe her as having a professional yet compassionate attitude that makes them feel at ease. As one of only 851 board certified plastic surgeons who are female, Dr. Walden has come to view herself as a rare individual within the field of cosmetic surgery.

The connections Dr. Walden makes with her patients stem from her roles as both a female doctor as well as a mother. Since the majority of cosmetic surgeries are performed on women, she feels she has a greater understanding of how their sense of self is connected to the way they look. Many women choose to have tummy tucks or breast lifts to bring back the younger, more suppler appearance of their bodies. This is especially true of women who have gone through pregnancy. As a female cosmetic surgeon, her patients feel more comfortable in confiding their feelings with her, because they believe she will be better at understanding their needs.

As the mother of twin boys, Dr. Jennifer Walden is often described as a hometown girl. Although she moved to New York for her residency and stayed for seven years afterward, she eventually came back to her home town of Austin, Texas. Family is important to her and she wanted her sons to be close to their roots. She also wanted to bring the skills she had obtained to the Austin area, which she felt was in need of more options for cosmetic surgery. Her goal is to provide women with a better sense of self-esteem through the cosmetic procedures she offers at her clinic.

Great Role of Larkin & Lacey on Matters of Human Rights

Lacey and Larkin were known to be the professional journalist before setting up a decision to champion for the human rights in the society. Both of them had a shred idea about the challenges that community was experiencing for a long time. The organization that set an excellent foundation for the execution of their dreams was Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

This is an agency that was established with a purpose of providing the financial support to several organizations in the United States that were pushing for the equality in the society through the matters that were related to the human rights in the nation.

As professional experts who had enough knowledge in the circle of human rights, they set in place all the target of the body and put all the required measures to ensure that the operations of the team do not interfere with each other. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://frontpageconfidential.com/michael-lacey-jim-larkin-arpaio-frontera-fund-first-amendment/

The two were keen on the issues that were facing the refugees in the United States especially in the city of Arizona. To accomplish their mission, they erected the programs that were aimed at teaching other small organization on the improved ways of facing the challenges in the field.

Furthermore, the group was also proving the financial support whenever the move is deemed required. The organization has boosted the morale of various refugees in the society through their projects.

Lacey and Larkin before setting the inception of the group were arrested in the year 2007. The arrest was linked to the exposure of the grand jury who the two journalists published in their article. The order of the arrest of Lacey and Larkin was from the Sheriffs. The primary idea of them publishing was to make the evil ill known to the society.

The public after that demanded them to be released and their outcry bore fruits after five days. The judges were then shoved to make a different move and dropped the judgment of the journalist.

Lacey and Larkin won the case and were paid a compensation of $3.75 million. The concern that the two had to the community made them put the amount to reinforce the agenda that they earlier had in addressing the issues of the human rights. Additionally, some money was used to promote the freedom of speech campaign to foster the rights of the refugees heard.

Lacey and Larkin were jailed by dark SUVs. The public then came to their rescue through the clamour that they made demanding more explanation about the incident. The contribution that Lacey and Larkin have set in the community is exemplary. It has been supported by various institutions that stand for the human rights in the society.

The Arizona Dream Act Coalition is one of the groups that was erected by undocumented students. The idea behind the formation of the body was to create a chance for the undocumented students following the high pay for the tuition and the abolishment of their scholarship through the set law.

In the year 1986, Enrique Morones made an inception of the Angeles de. The reason for the formation of the organization was to bring the solution to the challenges that were facing the refuges in the community.

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Equities First Holdings has a Vision for Easy Lending

Equities First Holdings has a vision for easy lending that they want to share with the world. They believe that they can help a lot of people when they come into their offices, and they know that it will be easier for someone to get the loan they need because they are not giving up all this extra information that they should not have to give. Equities First is not a bank because they do not force people to tell their whole financial history just to get a loan. They have asked their clients for very little information, and they use that information to help fund the loans.

Each loan is funded much faster than normal, and the loans make it much easier for someone to get that little bit of cash flow that they know they need. It helps them make wise decisions for their futures, and they can apply immediately.

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Anthony Petrello And Strong Work

Anthony G. Petrello is Nabors Industries’ widely acclaimed CEO (Chief Executive Officer). He’s the firm’s renowned President and Chairman of the Board as well. He works in conjunction with a reliable and efficient leadership staff. This trustworthy and tireless leadership division is made up of major talents such as Corporate Secretary Mark Andrews, CFO (Chief Financial Officer) William Restrepo, COO (Chief Operations Officer) John Sanchez and Human Resources Vice President Carina Lovato Gillenwater. People often refer to Petrello by the nickname of Tony.

Petrello was chosen to work on the Nabors Industries Board of Directors back in the early nineties. He was chosen to work on the company’s Executive Committee of the Board at that same exact time as well. Petrello takes care of many diverse operating matters on a frequent basis. He also, however, offers strategic direction and planning guidance to the rest of the large company. This guidance gives the company the ability to adjust and thrive in the middle of a constantly changing and evolving field.

Anthony Petrello had a good career before getting his job with Nabors Industries, too. He was a part of the Baker & McKenzie staff for a while. This was a legal practice that had a strong client base. Petrello was on the Baker & McKenzie team between the years of 1979 and 1991. This legal firm was all about basic corporate law, taxation and global arbitration. He functioned as the Managing Partner for Baker & McKenzie’s bustling New York, New York branch. He did this beginning in 1986 until his last day working for the firm five years later in 1991.

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This professional is an alumnus of Harvard Law School located in Cambridge, Massachusetts close to Boston. Harvard Law School is an Ivy League institution of higher learning that’s known and admired by countless individuals in all different sections of the globe. Harvard Law School awarded Petrello with a J.D. (Juris Doctor) degree. His Ivy League background didn’t begin and end with Harvard Law School, either. Petrello also studied at New Haven, Connecticut’s Yale University. This is yet another shining Ivy League school on the East Coast. Yale University gave Petrello mathematics M.S. (Master of Science) and B.S. (Bachelor of Science) degrees.

People who are familiar with Petrello know without a doubt that he has a zeal for his career that’s unstoppable. His dedication to his work is always becoming more and more intense. That’s why Nabors Industries has such a rock-solid reputation within its industry. Petrello believes in the importance of his work. He also believes in the incredible value of doing positive things for other human beings on this planet. He cares about young kids who have many neurological conditions.

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A sneak peak into the career and life of Dr. Mark McKenna


Dr. Mark McKenna was born in New Orleans and graduated from Tulane University Medical School. His first experience in his career was immediately after graduating where he went to work with his father as a doctor. At this time Dr. Mark McKenna was establishing McKenna Ventures which is a real estate expansion company. Most of McKenna businesses got brought down after a massive storm hit New Orleans. He was not discouraged by it as he went on to take part in the reconstruction of the New Orleans by coming up with low and reasonable revenue housing. He and his wife Gianna have two children, Melanie Elle and Ryder.

Dr. Mark McKenna worked in medical aesthetics for over a decade where he acquired the idea of coming up with OVME. His to-do list in a typical day is well structured, and one thing that is clear in his lifestyle is that he highly values time with his family. McKenna works from 8 am to 6 pm, and later on, McKenna burns the late night oil working until he falls asleep. He does not work with just filing ideas but goes ahead and sets goals to implement the plans by first critically thinking about them and coming up with objectives on how to achieve them. Knowledge gets attained through reading books as well as good mentors this is one thing that McKenna knows as he is a passionate reader. He believes there is no need to rush and should be taken step by step in slow motion no need to hurry, follow your passion at a tender age to have a direction in life and achieve a lot. To know more about him click here.

His mentors are Elon Musk and Barack Obama who have influenced his thinking and lessons learned from them he treats with a lot of loyalty this is because he knows that one of the strategies to help one grow in the world of business is exposing himself and being in the midst of people who are shrewder than him. He achieved the Black Diamond Level in 2013. This certificate gets awarded to the leaders in the sectors of medical health because of their level of committed and the excellent services they have shown to the patients.


Fabletics as the trendsetters in the centric marketing approach

There is no single person in this world who does not like looking good. What else can be better than stepping out in a nice outfit irrespective of one’s size minus the fear of being judged?

With so many people becoming entrepreneurs nowadays, technology is taking every market with storm given people rely on online for a lot of things. For one to succeed with an online business, the power of the crowd is very essential. The whole concept is projected as review centric marketing approach.

The approach is what will let the business owners know what consumers feel about their products and if there are concerns about what might be wrong, the knowledge is helpful. This is because from the feedback, one becomes better and gets a clear picture of what is going on. Clever people with savvy brands are capitalizing on this concept and it is really working. Kate Hudson, the co-founder of Fabletics knows this and that is why Fabletics is a pacesetter in the market.

Since the launch of Fabletics back in 2013, it has tremendously improved to about $235 million in revenue with more than a million active members who are paying. The success of Fabletics is attributed to the ability of the company embracing the crowd reviews. What this approach does is that it does not only enhance profits but also improve customer retention rate and their loyalty. Also, the customer is considered in the sense that he or she trusts more in the product as they get to see what others have already seen.

Fabletics are women sportswear. They are made in different styles and no matter the shape or size, there is everything for everyone. For the company founders, their main agenda is to make women feel comfortable in their skin. Back in 2103 when Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, the creators of Techstyle Fashion Group wanted to begin working on an athleisure brand, Kate Hudson came to mind. Three qualities made her perfect; approachable, not too serious and very active. She made her transition from ‘Almost famous’ to Fabletics and got pretty involved in the business from day one. She is one person that has helped take Fabletics to the place it is now. Many at times celebrities endorse products but in the real sense don’t use them. For Kate, it is different, one would find her and her kids dressed in Fabletics wear because she believes in them. There have been challenges but she has really worked on Fabletics especially, the customer service.

The athleisure brand holds a lot of success in future. Although the market may seem crowded, their future is promising. Currently, hey own 22 retail stores but plan on adding more in the following three years. Yes, there are so many sportswear outside there but Fabletics is unique. This is because, it considers the needs of everyone and most importantly, appreciate their consumer’s reviews. This means that they value their clients. To get oneself an athleisure brand, it is very simple. Simply go to the Fabletics website, answer the Lifestyle quiz and you are good to go.