Diversant Principal Executive John Goullet Bio

Mr. John Goullet is an IT tech staffing professional and entrepreneur who is currently serving as Principal of Diversant, LLC. John Goullet undertook a postgraduate degree in Computer Science from Ursinus College, and received a Master’s Certification and began his career as an IT consultant, later transitioning into IT staffing in 1994 where he founded Info Technologies, Inc. serving as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Working both the consultant side and the staffing side of IT, John gained a broad perspective of the IT industry. Info Technologies was a company that provided IT staffing solution to companies all over including some Fortune 500 companies.

Under his leadership, Info Technology grew into an Award winning company and was even cited by Inc. magazine as one of the fastest growing profitable company with a net worth of $30 million in five short years. As a visionary, John decided to partner with Diversant Inc. creating Diversant LLC. And he assumed the mantle of Principal. In forming strategies that help Diversant, LLC face the evolving and challenging IT industry, he is the one to be credited. Under his guidance complemented by other senior executives, Diversant, LLC has grown to be a successful IT company.

Today, he strives to establish new, innovative ways to meet the relative challenges of the ever-changing IT industry. Mr. John Goullet demonstrates professionalism in steering the company, leading to the drastic growth of the company even during economic hardships. Goullet also encourages his staff to be creative thinkers and most importantly to uphold ethical behavior, discipline, and respect in their areas of duty. Understanding the efficiency of teamwork, since his staffing company became successful due to that, he also encourages his staff on the importance of teamwork.

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Spling And Magnises Were Both Found By Business Prodigy Billy McFarland

Billy McFarland was born in 1991 in New York City and has managed to become a tremendous success with his efforts in business and as an entrepreneur. For Billy, this has been a long going pursuit, as he has been showing his passion for business since just 13 years old, which was when he started his first business outsourcing work for other companies. Today, Billy is the founder of both Spling and Magnises.

Billy actually went on to attend college at Bucknell University, where he was studying under his computer engineering major for a short period of time, due to him dropping out to pursue his ideas for business.

It was during this time that Billy McFarland founded the company Spling, which is an online ad business that turned out to be a big success and is still going strong today helping its clients create better websites and advertisements. The company has served thousands of clients today, including big name corporations like Universal.

Billy’s latest company, Magnises, was founded in 2013 and has since gained a huge number of members, surpassing more than 10,000. In 2014, Billy also launched the Magnises black card, which offers a range of different discounts, rewards, various perks, exclusive access to events, and more.

The black card does not work like a normal credit card, but rather lets members link their current bank accounts with the card so they can use it to gain points, similar to other companies with credit card rewards for usage. The difference with Magnises is it functions as a social club for high class millennials.

The black card does come with an impressive $250 fee annually, but this is actually a bargain considering all the rewards and exclusive access that comes along with being a member.

The current area for Magnises extends throughout Washington DC and New York City, but expansions are in the works for the future to bring this unique experience to millennials in cities all over the country, such as Boston, Chicago, and even London.

WEN Cleansing Conditioner – A New Approach to an Old Product

With the arrival of 2017 we are seeing more and more products and companies embracing the idea that simplified, natural products are a more sustainable way to care for skin, hair, and nails. Complicated beauty routines that utilize harmful chemicals are a thing of the past. Skincare companies have begun to recognize the need to create products that do not strip skin. Makeup companies have introduced products that work to enhance the appearance of skin rather than hide every single imperfection.

Hair care companies in particular are getting rid of harsh chemicals called sulfates in their products and instead replacing them with natural ingredients that clean the hair without stripping it of its natural oils. For years sulfates have been used to give hair that squeaky clean feeling, but using shampoos with sulfates will eventually strip the hair causing frizz, loss of color, and loss of shine. One company in particular has been at the forefront of changing the way we use shampoo and that is WEN by Chaz Dean.

Chaz Dean, a celebrity hairstylist based out of Hollywood, created WEN as an alternative to the harsh, sulfate filled shampoos that inundated the market. Chaz’s products utilize all natural ingredients such as glycerine, chamomile extract, wild cherry bark, and rosemary extract to create soft, shiny, voluminous hair without stripping it of its natural oils. The process of using WEN is different from normal shampoos, too.

Find WEN hair care on YouTube for the latest hair care tips and tricks.

WEN is a one stop shop, both cleansing and conditioning in one use unlike most shampoos and conditioners which utilize two different products, two sets of packaging, and a lot more time. The WEN hair care system follows a series of steps that ultimately allows the product to first cleanse and then condition the hair, saving time in the morning. Because the product is so gentle, it is also safe to use on color treated hair as well as hair that has undergone treatment such as a perm or a Brazilian blowout.

WEN users overall reported softer, more manageable, healthier hair and other hair care companies have noticed. New cleansing conditioning products are springing up left and right, but WEN hair care seems to be here to stay.

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Nationwide Title Clearing – Helping Americans Protect Their Homes

Title defects can often cause major inconvenience for home owners and real estate buyers. In fact, it is not uncommon to face lengthy legal process due to a minor defect in the title. An average American may not be aware of defects in the title, particularly if the property is owned for several years. During the period, changes in local real estate laws can also impact the title.


According to the premier research and document processing provider, Nationwide Title Clearing, keeping accurate property records can reduce the risk of buybacks and foreclosure. Therefore, it is important for home buyers to check for possible discrepancies. Playing its part to protect real estate buyers and seller, NTC launched a ground-breaking initiative to revamp its website making property records available, online. Now, anyone can easily search real estate history, transaction, records, and titles, using a very simple online interface.


Traditionally, title defects were restricted to legal cases when someone else claims legal ownership of the real estate. However, the number of instances of an invalid title has increased recently. These title defects can result from a simple issue of wordings in the title that does not comply with the existing real estate law. Another increasing trend is the failure of the property owner to include signature of the pertinent party such as spouse or another family member. Likewise, if previous liens and other encumbrances are not removed, a property record may become void. In fact, if a previous or current owner did not follow recordings or legal procedures, the current owner may face repercussions.


To resolve these issues and help consumers, Nationwide Title Clearing, is also offering additional services to its clients. These services include assignment report verification services. The service offers complete information regarding mortgage, liabilities, and records of owners. Accordingly, there is also a current owner record for the purpose. Similarly, the tax report indicates tax status for any taxes, including county, city and school board taxes that are current, due, or delinquent.


According to the CEO of the company, Nationwide Title Clearing is successful because it ensures clean and error-free records. After compiling records from multiple sources, each entry is double-checked by an agent. The process also recognizes the financial burden on a client if the client is ordering too many fields and additional documents.


Since its inception in 1991, NTC has become one of the premier providers of property records and real estate document processing. Its impeccable record is acknowledged by industry veterans as nearly 8 out of 10 leading mortgage service providers in the United States are clients of the company. Recently, the company was listed in the fastest growing enterprises of America, acknowledged by Inc. Magazine. In 2013, NTC also won the Hire Power award for putting Americans back to work.

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Why Fabletics Is Taking The Fashion Industry From Amazon

Fashion is a very interesting industry. It is one hard industry to navigate. People who try to be in style often find that they spend a lot of money. However, a lot of fashion retailers have similar struggles. This is especially the case for fashion retailers that house different brands of clothing. There is one company that has taken over the fashion industry lately. This company is called Amazon. The company is in control of 20% of the fashion industry. However, there is a newcomer that is quickly rising in popularity. This fashion company is getting ready to take the fashion industry from Amazon. The name of the brand is Fabletics.


Given the rapidly growing popularity of Fabletics, one must wonder what it is doing that other retailers aren’t. For one thing, the company only carries its own products. This allows it to house some truly unique items. However, one major factor at play is the part of the industry that the company is taking on. The fashion retailer is taking on the athletic industry. One thing that the creative team behind this online subscription fashion retailer has noticed is that there is a limit to the types of products that are offered in the athletic section. This retailer has decided to take on this limit by adding some unique styles for women to enjoy.


Another thing that Fabletics does is use a method that is known as “reverse showrooming”. This is where the company focuses on building a relationship with the customer so that they will be more willing to buy their products. While the products are very high in quality and stylish, customers are looking for companies that are willing to treat them with value. This technique increases the conversion rate of these visits. Therefore, the company is experiencing a lot of successes and is constantly expanding to new markets.


One other factor that the company has going for it is celebrity backing. Kate Hudson is one of the founders of this company. She is one of those that have noticed such a gap in the athletic clothing industry. Therefore, she has worked with Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler in order to bring forth not only a new company, but also a new style that people could enjoy. Fabletics has been so successful that it has expanded to open physical locations. The company also has a line for men and plus sized women.

Bruce Levenson sues an insurance company

Bruce Levenson is a Jewish American businessman, who was born on October 1, 1949. He is a philanthropist who formerly owned an NBA team. Levenson is one of the founders of Atlanta Hawks LLC. The Atlanta Hawks LLC owned the Philips Arena and the Atlanta basketball team. He also worked on the NBA board of governors as the Hawks’ governor, and later become the co-founder of United Communication Group, http://www.ucg.com/AboutUs/Ownership.aspx, in 1977.

Bruce Levenson hired Danny Ferry in 2012, in the capacity of the president of baskets operation and also as the general manager of Hawks Company. Danny Ferry before joining the Hawks Company he played for Cleveland Cavaliers and after retiring he served as the Cavaliers general manager, and also served at San Antonio Spurs as the vice president of operations, and later joined the Hawks. This made him the perfect choice of Bruce Levenson.

In 2014 as reported by Forbes.com, Bruce Levenson announced his interest in selling his share of Atlanta Hawks group with the help of an investment bank firm. Later the former ownership group of the Atlanta Hawks basketball and the NBA franchise sued the New Hampshire Insurance company due to the breach of the contract concerning settlement of claims made by Danny Ferry.

The case was filed in a superior court on 13th September. AHBE claims it was insured and covered against loss associated with employment practices but not against workplace torts or wrongful terminations. According to the documents the insurance company was given notice by AHBE on April 2, 2015, that was believed to be asserted by Danny Ferry that shows it was covered.


Have You Heard of Cleansing Conditioner by Wen?

Wen is a hair care company full of different products by Chaz Dean, a celebrity stylist. The products are created to cleanse, boost (give volume and shine), style (helping handle frizz) and treat hair (moisturize, smooth and soften). The purpose of the products are to knock out traditional shampooing that may contain harsh chemicals like sulfate and to nourish the hair. Wen is manufactured in the United States and is cruelty free by not testing on animals. It is said with only one use of the product there will be a huge noticeable difference and the products can be used on any type of hair including color/damaged hair, curly/frizzy, dry, and fine hair. There is even a 60 day money back guarantee that is offered so if there is any reason a customer is not satisfied with any of the products, they may be returned, even if the containers are empty.

There is a huge benefit to using Wen Cleansing Conditioner. It is a product created to be a 5 in 1 formula. This means it replaces the normal shampoo and conditioners while providing deep conditioning of hair and scalp and being a detangler as well as leave in conditioner for extra smoothness and moisture. The cleansing conditioner also doesn’t take away the natural oils found in hair thus providing more natural strength and moisture.

All the ingredients found not only in the cleansing conditioner, but all Wen products, are natural. The cleansing conditioner helps hair become more manageable and the need for other products such as frizz spray, hair spray, gels, etc., becomes no more. This product not only prevents future damage to hair, but also revitalizes. With only one use of Wen Cleansing Conditioner hair is left hydrated and healthy looking with no added products.

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Cotemar Mexico Helping The Oil Industry Succeed

One of the challenges when you live on an oil derrick is getting food and construction supplies in time. That is where infrastructure and shipping companies like Cotemar Mexico come in. Cotemar Mexico specializes in making sure that workers on Mexico’s oil derricks have the supplies they need. If there is a hurricane, Cotemar Mexico makes sure that the repair equipment gets to the derricks on time.

One of Cotemar Mexico’s great features is Mexican cuisine on board vessels. Staff can enjoy quality Mexican food as they do their job. Mexico’s leading oil provider trusts Cotemar Mexico because they do a good job in a small amount of time.

Cotemar Mexico can help you and your organization. Because the staff are operating from a country with a low cost of living, Cotemar Mexico can offer competitive rates as compared to domestic competitors. If your oil company or oil extraction firm needs sea service, Cotemar Mexico can do the job far cheaper than what you have been used to.

Cotemar’s staff are professionals who are highly experienced in their field. They understand the challenges with running a large business. They can contract for you and make life a whole lot easier. Cotemar Mexico looks forward to hearing from you and your organization soon. We know that Mexico may carry a negative connotation, but recall the low price levels. Time is money, and the more money you save, the more time you have.

The quality of service and the long record of work experience with Mexico’s petroleum company should reassure inquiries about reputation. You can trust Cotemar Mexico to accomplish what they plan to do. They have been doing it for a long time.

The food services department of Cotemar Mexico is great. You no longer have to worry about having good food. The highly trained staff of Cotemar Mexico handles it all. No weird contracts with nonexistent caterers. Cotemar Mexico believes in doing their own food services work. It saves time and money, making sure that the people we care about get what they need.

Cotemar Mexico wants to see more companies using their services. They look forward to hearing from people who are in need of inexpensive oil supply services. If you are one of those individuals, do not hesitate to contact us at 52 938 381 1400. Our staff can answer questions that you might have in Spanish. If you want to just peruse our website to learn more, there is information available here.

Source: http://www.empleo.cotemar.com.mx/

Ignition Financial And Their Automobile Financing Bonanza

Many people have purchased a car, and then financed the price of the car through the dealer or a used car company. The terms of such an arrangement can cover the gamut of various plans and terms, but it is likely if the agreement was through a dealer or used car lot, there is room for improvement.


The interest rates may have been higher when the deal was originally done. The terms of the financing contract may have been unsuitable for the buyer. Just financing through a dealer will usually mean that the payments would be higher than if they had gone through a bank or credit union.


Now, Ignition Financial in Austin, Texas offers an automobile refinancing plan where customers can usually get better rates, and thus save money. Depending on one’s credit and financial situation, is is possible. It doesn’t hurt to find out, as Ignition Financial offers a free look to determine whether or not a person could save money with the process. If a consumer can refinance and save money, they can say with confidence, “Slash my payments right now!


The money that is available for automobile financing is provided by large lenders and banking institutions. These entities are in fierce competition with each other as the vie for the business of automotive dealers and used car companies. To get the business of the dealers, they constantly have to offer incentives.


The lender will set a base rate of interest initially, called the “floor rate.” Then the dealer or used car company is offered an incentive rate on top of the floor rate. This is usually in the range of an additional 2% to 4%, which is then paid to the dealer at closing.


The result is that the consumer pays a higher interest rate, and he or she is not always aware of it. Many people will finance through a dealer because they don’t know any better. They could probably do better if they go through their bank or credit union.


By using Ignition Financial to refinance their current car loan, people can save considerable money which can then be put to better use in other areas of a family’s budget.


Having extra funds for savings, college education, new appliances, car repair, medical bills, home improvement, retirement, new furniture, and even another vehicle are all valid reasons for diverting car payments to other needs. Call Ignition Financial today and find out how refinancing your auto loan can help you!

The Rising Success of Kevin Seawright, RSP Solutions

A successful businessman and entrepreneur is not born every day, it typically requires a career built on a business background. This is the case with Kevin Seawright, who co-founded RPS Solutions LLC.

Kevin Seawright developed this organization to address certain directives for homeowners and is a new perspective for Baltimore, but Kevin Seawright has built a business career to succeed.

Kevin began with his theory of helping people and wanted to do so through his business career. He attended the University of Notre Dame where he graduated with a Batchelor’s degree in Leadership. He also attended Almeda University and received his Master’s Degree in Business Administration,

In 2001, he began his career with the City of Baltimore as Managing Fiscal Officer. He would have several periods of employment with the City, which was building a solid foundation for working in the business field. He then moved to the position as Payroll Director and then Finance Director in the city government.

From 2003-2005, Kevin was Chief Financial Officer in the Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks where he handled millions of dollars for the city.

He then moved to VP/Deputy Chief Operating Officer of Baltimore City Government from 2005 to 2011. This was his last position with the Baltimore City government where he had acquired so much of his business experience.

With Kevin Seawright’s experience in the housing department in the City of Baltimore, his next position as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation was a significant promotion in the housing career.

Seawright acquired a leadership position, but the organization was located in Newark, New Jersey. He remained at NCEDC only until 2015 when he launched out and co-founded his dream business, RPS Solutions. He serves as Managing Partner/Chief Operating Officer at Real Property Solutions, in the Baltimore area, which is his hometown.

RPS Solutions is dedicated to assisting primarily first-time home buyers in the Baltimore area. Seawright sees the Baltimore environment improving with every client who acquires a home because home ownership promotes responsibility, which builds communities.

RSP renovates and constructs affordable housing in Baltimore and arranges funding and loans for financial ownership. Kevin Seawright has become a significant part of renovating Baltimore.